Unlike public universities in other Indonesian Islamic University (UIN) Syarif Hidayatullah not apply the national selection into public universities (SNMPTN) through the selection of invitation lines. UIN Rector IV, Jamhari, said it had already announced a new admissions UIN through Google's interest and ability.

PMDK pathway has been announced to the schools prior to any decision regarding the path SNMPTN invitation. Through this pathway PMDK UIN want to reach the schools that have been the network of the Islamic university. The schools are deliberately selected by the university as part of the university network. "The schools in question is a madrassa schools and boarding schools," said Jamhari when contacted by Reuters on Monday (23 / 5).

Possible ways to integrate the state university entrance examination this new value can be applied UIN in the academic year 2012. Although there will be lines of this invitation, UIN will open a pathway through PMDK. Any amount will be adjusted to the existing quotas. If there is a path invitations later, said Jamhari, of quota PMDK reduced.

In the recruitment of students on track PMDK, the university is quite strict in doing the selection. There are several criteria that seen before the student passed the selection. But the priorities are students from religious schools such as madrassas and pesantren. "Because of my background UIN Islam," she said.

Every year UIN always perform an evaluation of the schools into the network. Evaluation also see which school best value. In line with other universities, Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University also will receive a new bahasiswa candidates who are less able as much as 20 percent of all college quotas.

It had been established long ago by the central government, and the entire college stay running it alone. To find out about the background of these poor children, the university has its own way in search of him. Vice Rector for Development and Cooperation in the field, said the university has given the mandate to the entire department to go directly to schools.

There they select students who are less able and choose those that really meet the requirements. "Our teams down immediately and choose the students who really can not afford economically, but academically capable," he said. So eventually there was no fraud and that 20 percent of seats were actually filled by those who deserve it. But as has been Jamhari tell a, UIN prioritizes nuanced schools of Islam, such as madrassas and pesantren.

In addition to track and PMDK SNMPTN, UIN also opens new admissions through independent pathways. This acceptance will be opened after the release announcement SNMPTN, in accordance with existing rules. "Regarding the readiness SNMPTN ahead, we're ready. UIN Jakarta a joint committee for the UI and UNJ," he stressed.


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