Based on Government Regulation of Republic of Indonesia Number 66 Year 2010 on Amendment of Government Regulation Number 17 Year 2010 on the Management and Operation of Education and Minister of National Education Regulation No. 34 Year 2010 regarding the pattern of Undergraduate Admissions in Higher Education organized by the Government, the pattern of acceptance new students on college degree programs through a nationwide selection patterns were shared by all universities together to be followed by prospective students from all over Indonesia.

Based on the results of the meeting of State Council of Higher Education Chancellor Indonesia in Jakarta on November 4, 2010, the Rector of State Universities under the coordination of the Director General of Higher Education Ministry of Education held a selection of new students nationally in the National Selection of Higher Education (SNMPTN) . SNMPTN 2012 is the only pattern of selection conducted jointly by the State Universities in one integrated system and held simultaneously. SNMPTN 2012 will be implemented through

(1) line invitations based on netting
academic achievement, and
(2) lines written exam and / or skills.

In connection with the execution of a series of dissemination activities regarding governance SNMPTN 2011 Track Invite in various regions across Indonesia, the committee has received various inputs from the head schools, teachers, students, parents, and the general public, about the provisions and requirements of schools and student applicants SNMPTN 2011 as stated in the Invitation Line Preliminary Information. Therefore, the committee has perfected the provision of schools and student applicants Invitation Line, as well as updating the information on the integration of Tuition Assistance Program (Shutter Mission), as presented in the book of this information.

Official address of Registration SNMPTN Invitation 2012 is:
You can directly enter the page, or you can also select links that we provide to register, along with info about the profile PTN, accreditation, etc.:

The book presents the general provision of information SNMPTN 2011 both lines written exam / skills and track invitations, requirements, how registration, type of exam, schedule, cost, including the group study program both IPA and IPS Group of 60 State Universities. The book is published for information used and examined carefully by the prospective participants who will follow SNMPTN 2012, so that prospective participants can prepare themselves in choosing the desired study program and can be a guide to follow the initial selection process SNMPTN well.
Detailed information about registration procedures and implementation SNMPTN contained in the Participant Handbook SNMPTN 2012 which can be accessed on the page (website) with http://www.snmptn.ac.id address.


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Thanks for the information, hopefully this information can pave the way for our participants SNMPTN 2012.

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