State Islamic University of Sultan Sharif Kasim (UIN Suska) Riau in the Indonesian language is Universitas Islam Negeri Sultan Syarif Kasim (UIN Suska) is a result of the development / improvement of educational status of the State Islamic Institute (IAIN) Pekanbaru Qasim Sharif sultan formally inaugurated by Presidential Regulation No. 2 of 2005 dated January 4, 2005 regarding the sultan IAIN Pekanbaru became UIN Sharif Qasim Sultan Sharif Kasim Riau and was inaugurated on February 9, 2005 by the President, Mr. Dr. H. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono as a follow-up to change this status, the Minister of Religious Affairs Organization and work setting UIN Suska Riau Minister of Religious Affairs under Regulation No. 8 of 2005 dated 4 April 2005.

State Institute of Islamic sultan Sharif Qasim (IAIN Susqa) as the precursor of UIN Pekanbaru Riau Suska, incorporated on 19 September 1970 by the Decree of the Minister of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia No.. 194 of 1970. Founding of the Institute was inaugurated by the Minister of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia KH Ahmad Dahlan on 19 September 1970 signing of the charter and the inauguration of the first Rector, Prof. H. Ilyas Muhammad Ali.

IAIN Susqa was originally derived from some of the Faculty of Islamic Higher Education Private dinegerikan later, the Faculty of Tarbiyah Islamic University of Riau in Pekanbaru, Riau Islamic University Faculty of Sharia at Tembilahan, and Faculty Ushuluddin Great Mosque of An-Nur Pekanbaru.

With the approval of Local Government, the State Islamic Institute Pekanbaru is named with the sultan Sharif Qasim, the sultan's name to the kingdom of Siak Sri Indrapura-12 or the last, which is also the name of national fighters from Riau. Taking the name is given the services and his devotion to the country, including in education.

IAIN Susqa Pekanbaru is taking place in the first lecture in the former Chinese school on Jl. Chrysolite, now named Jl. Lotus, then moved to the Great An-Nur mosque. Then in 1973, then IAIN Susqa campus occupies Jl. Student (Jl. K. H. Ahmad Dahlan now). The first building area of ​​840 m2 is situated on land measuring 3.65 Ha fully funded by the Regional Government and inaugurated its use by the Head of the Provincial Governor of Riau, Arifin Achmad, on June 19, 1973.

When established, IAIN Susqa consists only of the three Faculties, namely Faculty of Tarbiyah, Faculty of Shariah, and the Faculty Ushuluddin. But since 1998, IAIN Susqa develop themselves by opening the Faculty of Da'wa. This faculty was established by Decree of the Ministry of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia No.. 104 of 1998 dated 24 February 1998. This faculty was originally derived from the existing Department of the Faculty of Da'wa Ushuluddin. In the year 1997 has also established the Graduate / PPs IAIN SUSQA Pekanbaru.

The desire to expand its field of study at the IAIN sultan Pekanbaru Qasim Sharif emerged through the seminar Muslim Intellectuals (1985), Seminar on Work Culture in Islamic Perspective (1987), and dialogue as scholars and intellectuals in Riau Province. Three consecutive years (1996, 1997, 1998) led to the recommendation: To IAIN sultan Sharif Qasim Pekanbaru open new courses (general). Through the decision of the senate IAIN Susqa September 9, 1998 which sets a status change IAIN Susqa State Islamic University (UIN) of Sultan Sharif Kasim Riau, the preparation conducted in stages. Starting in the 1998/1999 academic year has opened some of the courses are common in some faculties, such as Psychology courses at the Faculty of Tarbiyah, course management and Corporate Management at the Faculty of Shariah, and Communication Studies courses at the Faculty of Da'wa. In the academic year 1999/2000 IAIN has also opened the Informatics Engineering Program. One year later, in 2000/2001 academic year, also opened Industrial Engineering Program. Both courses last for a while placed under the administration of the Faculty of Da'wa.

In the 2002/2003 academic year general studies program is on faculty at the top and added some new courses, upgraded to an independent faculty. These faculties is the Faculty of Science and Technology with the Department / Program Information Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Information Systems and Mathematics; Faculty of Psychology with the Department / Program Psychology; Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences with Study Program Management, Accounting and Management Diploma Company III; and Faculty of Animal Science study program with a concentration Technology Livestock Production Livestock, Livestock Product Technology and Food Technology and Nutrition.

Thus, in the academic year 2002/2003, UIN, IAIN Susqa in preparation SUSKA Riau already has eight faculties, namely Faculty of Tarbiyah, Faculty of Shariah, Faculty Ushuluddin, Faculty of Da'wa and Communication Sciences, Faculty of Science and Technology, Faculty of Psychology, Faculty Economics, and Faculty of Animal Husbandry.

IAIN to UIN Improvement status is intended to produce Muslim scholars are able to control, develop and apply science to Islamization, science and technology are integral, as well as eliminating the dichotomy between the views of Islamic science and general science.

UIN Suska development is not only done on purely academic fields, such as through the opening of the faculties and new study programs, but also directed at the development in the areas of physical, facilities, and infrastructure. Today Suska UIN campus already has an area of ​​84.15 ha of land comprising 3.65 hectares on Jl. K.H. Ahmad Dahlan and 80.50 hectares at Km. 15 Jl. Soebrantas Simpangbaru Panam Pekanbaru.

Land campus at Km 15 Jl. H.R. Soebrantas were released in the year 1981/1982 was originally an area of ​​60 ha and expanded in 2003-2006 to 80.50 Ha. In the year 1995/1996 dilahan physical development has been initiated and has managed to build a building area of ​​5760 m2 for 70 local classrooms.

In accordance with Regulation of the Minister of Religious Affairs No. 8 of 2005 UIN Suska has 8 faculties, namely Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training, Faculty of Sharia and Law, Faculty of Ushuluddin, Faculty of Da'wa and Communication Sciences, Faculty of Science and Technology, Faculty of Psychology, Faculty of Economics and Science social, and faculty of Agriculture and Livestock.

Since the establishment of a UIN, IAIN SUSKA Susqa up until now has been several times through the turn of the leadership, as follows:

No Name of Period
1. Prof. H. Ilyas Muh. Ali 1970 - 1975
2. Drs. H. A. Moerad Oesman 1975 - 1979
3. Drs. Ahmady Soewarno 1979 - 1987
4. Drs. H. Yusuf Rahman, MA 1987 - 1996
5. Prof. Dr. H. Amir Lutfi 1996 - 2005
6. Prof. Dr. H. M. Nazir 2005 - present

"The vision of Sultan Sharif Kasim Riau UIN is to realize the State Islamic University as an institution of higher education that develops the main teachings of Islam, science, technology, and art are integral in Southeast Asia Year 2013".

1. Implement education and teaching to deliver quality human resources in academic and professional and personal integrity as a Muslim scholar
2. Conducting research and assessment to develop science, technology, and art by using the Islamic paradigm.
3. Harnessing science, technology, and art as a community service by using the Islamic paradigm.
4. Setting up a human resources and facilities to support the smooth implementation of the Higher Education Tridharma.

1. Development paradigm of science that put an emphasis on a sense of faith and monotheism (belief affection).
2. Development of various branches of science with religious approaches to Islamic values ​​into the spirit of every branch of science with the application of Islamic principles in the Discipline of Science (IDI) as a real effort to realize the integration of science with Islam.
3. Implementation of several disciplines to achieve competency standards Islamic sciences domain that strengthen faith, worship, and morals muamalah
4. Coaching and development of a civil environment in accordance with Islamic values ​​through programs Ma'had 'Aliy
5. Manifestation of academic excellence and professionalism that is based on religious morals in university life.
6. Develop Regional Study of Islam and Southeast Asia tamaddun Malay as centers of excellence (center of excellence)

1. Preparing learners noble members of society who have the ability and academic excellence and / or professionals who can apply, develop, and / or apply knowledge of Islamic religion, technology, art, and / or other related sciences.
2. Exploring, developing, and disseminating knowledge of Islamic religion, technology, art, and / or other related sciences and trying to use to enhance the dignity and standard of life of the community and enrich the national culture.


1. Organizational Structure

Based on the Regulation of the Minister of Religious Affairs No.. 8 of 2005 dated 4 April 2005 on Organizational Structure and Tatakerja UIN Syarif Kasin Sultan Riau and Recommendation from the Director General of Higher Education Ministry of National Education No.. 4469/D/T/2004 Tahuun 2005 dated 12 November 2004, the structure of UIN organization Suska Riau as follows:

a. Board of Trustees

Penyanrun Board consists of world organizations, government and community leaders who pay attention to the development of Riau SUSKA UIN. Board of Trustees member in charge of material and moral assistance for the development and advancement UIN SUSKA Riau.

b. Rector and Vice Rector

1) Rector: Prof.. Dr. H. M. Nazir

2) Assistant Rector: Prof.. Dr. H. Munzir Hitami, MA

3) Vice Rector II: Prof. Dr. H. Ilyas Husti, M.A, M. PM

4) Vice Rector III: Drs. Sudirman, M. Ag

5) Vice Chancellor IV: Drs. Promadi, PhD

c. University Senate

University Senate is the supreme representative body in normative and UIN Sharif Kasim Sultan of Riau, Rector, Vice Rector I, II, III, IV, dean of the Faculty, Head of the Bureau and representatives of lecturers from the Faculty.

d. Faculty

1) Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training

2) Faculty of Shari'a and Law Sciences

3) Faculty Ushuluddin

4) Faculty of Da'wa and Communication Sciences

5) Faculty of Science and Technology

6) Faculty of Psychology

7) Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences

8) Faculty Peternian and Livestock

e. program Pacasarjana

- Director: Prof.. Dr. H. Mahdini, MA

- Assistant Director I: Dr. H. Muwardi Muhammad Sholeh, MA

- Second Assistant Director: Dr. Zikri Darussamin, MA

- Study Program:

1. Islamic Legal Studies Program (HI) S3

Chair: Dr. Arrafie Abduh, MA

2. Islamic Legal Studies Program (HI) S2

Chair: Dr. Arrafie Abduh, MA

3. Islamic Educational Studies Program (PI) S2

Chair: Dr. Yasmaruddin, MA

4. Islamic Economic Studies Program (EI) S2

Chair: Dr. Asmal May, MA

f. Institute for Research and Development (CSD)

- Chairman: Drs. Husni Thamrin, M. The

- Secretary: Drs. Abu Bakr, M. Pd

- Head of Research Center for Social and Cultural Development

Education: Dra. Sukma Erni, M. Pd

- Head of Research Center for Law

and Human Rights: Dr. Heri Sunandar, M. CI

- Head of Centre

Women's Studies: Dra. Sofia Hardani, M. Ag

- Head of Research Center for Harmonious

Religious: H. Erman Gani, M. Ag

- Ka. Sub. TU Bag: Rosidah, S.Pd.I

g. Pengebadian Institutions Community (LPM)

Chairman: Drs. H. Nazir Cholis, MA

Secretary: Drs. H. Zasri M. Ali, MA

a. Rural Community Services Center,

Urban and Industrial: Drs. M. Nur Anandomo, MA

b. Center for Career Development and Entrepreneurship (P2K2)

Chair: H. Masnur, M. Ag

Head. TU: Rush H. Asmawi, BA

h. Bureau of Academic and Student Affairs Administration

- Head of Bureau: Drs. H. Safe Amri

- Head of Academic: Dra. Hayatul Khair

- Head of Student Affairs

and Alumni: Dra. Eli Sabritha

- Head of Cooperation: Dra. Hanifah Aidil Fitri

i. Bureau of Public Administration

- Head of Bureau: Drs. H. M. Sharif

- Head of Planning: A. Bukhari, S. H. MA

- Head of Personnel: Drs. Darul Khutni

- Head of Finance: Drs. Eramli Jab, MM

- Head of the Public: Dra. Kafrina

j. Technical Implementation Unit:

1) Library

Head of Library: Drs. Suhaimi D., M. Si

Secretary: -

2) Center for Development and Language Service (P3B)

Chairman: Drs. Kalayo Hasibuan, M. TESOL

Secretary: -

3) Computer and Information Centre (Puskom)

Head of Computer Center: Wartono, M. Si

4) Institute for Southeast Asian Islamic Studies (ISAIS)

Director: Drs. Dardiri Husin, MA

5) Ma'had Aljamiah

k. Pengmbangan and the Quality Assurance Agency (BPPM)

Chairperson: Prof. Dr. Muhmida Yeli, MA

Secretary: Mashuri S. Psi., M. Si


A. Institution of Structural
Structural institutions are implementing unit within the UIN Suska Riau whose existence is expressly contained in the structure of Riau Suska UIN organization. This structural organization leaders directly responsible to the Rector. Which includes a structural institution is:

1. Research Institute
a. Research Center for Educational Development and Social Culture
b. Research Center for Law and Human Rights
c. Center for Women's Studies
d. Centre for Religious Harmony
2. Institute for Community Service
a. Community Service Center for Rural, Urban and Industrial
b. Center for Career Development and Entrepreneurship
c. Research Center for Law and Human Rights
3. Agency for Development and Quality Assurance

B. Technical Implementation Unit
Which include Technical Implementation Unit are:
1. Library
2. Language Centre
3. Computer Center

C. Non Structural
Non Structural supporting elements are part of universities in the form of agency or organization and other necessary forms and is formed by UIN Suska Riau outside the existing structure in accordance with laws and regulations.
Non Structural function in accordance with the purpose of its creation, as well as profuse utilized to overcome many obstacles and difficulties due to limited resources and funds for the advancement and development of UIN Suska Riau. The agency consists of:
1. Centre for Southeast Asian Islam
2. Campus Planning and Development Agency
3. Islamic Legal Aid
4. Servants Cooperative (KPN) UIN Suska Riau
5. Student Parent (POTMA)
6. Institutions Consulting Psychology
7. Officer Corps of the Republic of Indonesia (KORPRI) sub unit UIN Suska Riau
8. Alumni Association UIN Suska Riau
9. Suska Press

D. Cooperation
To further encourage the development of program implementation in the field of Tri Dharma University, UIN Suska Riau has been established and do a working relationship with the institutes of higher learning at home and abroad, institutions / government agencies, and business / industry and nongovernmental organizations.


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