Decree of the President of the Republic of Indonesia No.. 276/65 concerning the status change IKIP Jakarta Medan branch became an independent State Teachers' Training College under the name Teacher Training and Education INSTITUTE FIELD FIELD abbreviated with IKIP. Presidential Decree dated March 13, 1965 was a pivotal moment of the birth of a public educational institution which is currently named the State University of Medan. At that time, IKIP field consists of 4 (four) faculties: Faculty of Education (FIP); Faculty of Literature and Art Teacher Training (FKSS); Faculty of Social Sciences Teacher Training (FKPS), and, Faculty of Teacher Training exact sciences (FKIE).

Given the Teachers' Training College campus located on Jalan Medan Jakarta (now Jl. Imam Bonjol) less qualified, then in 1965 moved kekampusnya IKIP new field that is complex in Hoa ex Chiao Middle School in Jalan Merbau 38 A. this place in the year 1966/1967 Academic Field IKIP add one more faculty that the Faculty of Technical Sciences Teacher Training (FKIT), thus IKIP Medan since 1966 has had 5 (five) Faculty.

From the results ruislag campus in jl. Merbau no. 38 A field, then built a new building .... Unimed is located on Jl. Willem Alexander V Market - Field Estate. In addition to the building .... means of lectures were also built: a multipurpose building, football stadium, a swimming pool (the international standard ....), mosques, buildings, etc. IKIP MESS.

Furthermore, based on Presidential Decree No. 124 of 1999, changed the status of a Field Training College, State University of Medan (Unimed). By changing the status of the Unimed obtain a mandate to manage the expansion of non-educational programs. The expansion of the mandate is expected to improve quality and provide education while strengthening Unimed educational personnel.

After obtaining the expansion of the mandate, Unimed then have 7 (seven) faculties, namely Faculty of Education (FIP), Faculty of Languages ​​and Arts (FBS), Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (Natural Sciences), Faculty of Social Sciences (FIS), Faculty of Engineering (FT), and Faculty of Economics (FE). At the operational level Unimed S1 has 30 educational courses, 11 courses of non-educational S1, 2 courses D3, D2 2 courses of study, and 6 post-graduate study programs.

Unimed cooperation with the State University of Syiah Kuala University in Banda Aceh and Jakarta District to date has helped the realization of Learning Program for Master and Doctoral. Studies that have been running the program are: Educational Administration, Educational Technology, Social Anthropology, Economics of Development Studies, Chemistry Education, Applied Linguistics and English Language Education Population and the Environment.


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