Makassar state university can not be separated from the history of the IKIP Ujung Pandang As power Educational Institutions (LPTKs).
Originally IKIP Ujung Pandang as teacher training and science education faculty (Guidance and Counseling) from the University of Hasanuddin Makassar, which is based on the Decree of the Minister of Higher Education and Science (PTIP) August 1, 1961 till August 31, 1964, based on Ministerial Decree No. PTIP. 30 Year 1964 Date 1 August 1961.

September 1964 s.d. January 1965 status Makassar IKIP Yogyakarta branch, based on Ministerial Decree No. PTIP. 154 In 1965 On 1 September 1965. On January 5, s.d. August 3, 1999, an independent status to Makassar IKIP name, based on the Decree of President of the Republic of Indonesia No.. 272 Year 1965 dated January 5, 1965. In this phase, since 1 April 1972, Makassar IKIP berrubah be IKIP Ujungpandang by following a name change to Municipality of Makassar Municipality no longer significant. Then on August 4, 1999 to the present status of the University by the name of the State University of Makassar (UNM) based on the Decree of President of the Republic of Indonesia No.. 93 of 1999 dated August 4, 1999.

Vision and Mission

vision UNM
As a center for education, research, and development of science education, science, technology, and arts-minded and entrepreneurial education to produce graduates who excel professionally as a perfect man (perfect man).

The mission of UNM

* Setting up a human resources professional in the field of education and non-educational.

* Providing an excellent educational services to the public in improving the quality of personal life, community, nation and state.

* Improved quality of education and teaching, research and community service with attention to its relevance to community needs.

* Providing greater opportunities to all citizens in obtaining quality education by taking into account the diversity of socio-cultural background of economics, geography and so on.

* Develop UNM as a teaching and research university to the world class university.

The purpose UNM

* Produce graduates of educational personnel and non-educational professionals who can be accepted as citizens who have a noble character.

* Being an independent university and bertata good governance, accountable yan Good University Governance in accordance with statutory regulations.

* Generate the entrepreneurial vision of science and technology products that uphold religious values​​.

* Good network of professional cooperation in education, research, service to society by the government (central and local), state enterprises, institutions and other institutions, agencies, both nationally and internationally for the benefit of mankind.

* Improving the quality of education with a healthy academic atmosphere so that the ability to grow and develop intellectually, emotionally, socially and religiously.


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