Universitas Indonesia (UI) in 2011 to an invitation SNMPTN public universities are the most popular high school students / MA. A total of 24,323 students choose the first option in the UI as the National Selection of Higher Education (SNMPTN) Track Invite 2011.

Data from the Gaza SNMPTN registration Invitation 2011 show, the UI be the first choice SNMPTN Invite prospective students. Meanwhile, the University of Gadjah Mada (UGM) is selected by 21,832 students as first choice and 12 201 students chose the University of Padjadjaran (Unpad) as his first choice.

University of Indonesia receives new student graduates SMA / SMK / MA / equivalent via a driveway. In 2012 the existing driveway and path is the path Invitations Write Exam.
- Invitation Line formerly known as PMDK and in the UI called PPKB (Achievement and Learning Opportunity Equity).
1. Regular invitations to S1 pathway is SNMPTN Invitation. Since FY 2011 PPKB S1 Regular integrated in SNMPTN invitation, so to comply with registration rules SNMPTN Invitation.
2. Invitation for Vocational pathways (D3) through Vocational PPKB (D3)
3. invitation pathway through PPKB S1 S1 Parallel Parallel
4. International Class invitation lines S1 through Talentscouting.
Path Invite a selection of academic achievement (report cards) and without a written examination. Participants are high school graduates / SMK / MA / equivalent of the same year when signing up (example: 2012 for graduates PPKB SMA / SMK / MA / equivalent 2012). Only schools that receive invitations to recommend students on this pathway.

- Written test point that is SNMPTN Write and SIMAK UI. Differences SNMPTN Write to SIMAK UI is the organizer and educational program options. Write SNMPTN organized by the Directorate General of Higher Education Ministry of Education. Education programs that can be selected in S1 Regular SNMPTN Write only. SNMPTN registration via the official website at http://www.snmptn.ac.id SNMPTN. While SIMAK UI UI with the option held by educational programs include Vocational (D3), regular S1, S1 and S1 parallel International Class. Participants can choose Vocational (D3), S1 and S1 Regular Parallel as well, only with 1x exam. While the International Class S1 exam held separately, because tests written using English language instruction. Register online at the website UI SIMAK http://penerimaan.ui.ac.id.

Vocational education programs (D3), S1 and S1 Class Parallel internationally accepted high school graduates / SMK / MA / equivalent diploma without age restrictions. While S1 Regular only accept graduates SMA / SMK / MA / equivalent maximum of 3 years (example: registration for the 2012 high school graduate / equivalent 2012, 2011, 2010). Additional requirements for applicants International Class is to have Institutional TOEFL (ITP) min.500 min.61 or CBT or iBT or IELTS min.5.5 min.173.
Education costs for S1 = S1 Regular Invitation Regular SNMPTN SNMPTN Write = S1 Regular SIMAK. Regular checks S1 tuition fees here.
For students there are S1 Regular Education Operational Costs (BOP) Justice and the scholarship money base, ie, tuition and registration fees be adjusted to the ability of parents / guardians who bear the cost of education.


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