One innovation of the educational process conducted by UGM is a new candidate selection system that ensures the quality of higher quality inputs from multiple views (cognitive and potential) in a comprehensive manner, namely UM-UGM.

But there are different with the year 2011. Quoting from the news conveyed by the UGM, we the PR MB GMU only continue this story to friends who iingin looking for information about the entrance to the University of Gadjah Mada. Here's the news.

Referring to Permendiknas 34/2010, then the selection of new students closes UGM independent pathways. Instead, new admissions will be implemented following the pattern of Higher Education National Selection (SNMPTN). With this pattern, GMU did two ways of selection, ie, a written test and SNMPT SNMPTN invitation lines.

Rector, Prof.. Ir. Sudjarwadi, M. Eng., Ph.D., believes that the selection SNMPTN 2011 will be more qualified and able to attract the best students. "Because it's integrated into the SNMPTN, then the selection of a written test independently of UGM (utul) eliminated," he said.

UGM is said Director of Academic Administration, Dr.. Budi Prasetyo Widyobroto, DEA, DESS, that the invitation is actually a pathway SNMPTN crawl seed selection. This pathway consists of PBUTM (Penjaringan Seedlings Superior Disadvantaged), PBUBB (Penjaringan Seedlings Superior Achievement Scholarship), PBOS (Penjaringan Seedlings Superior Sports Art), and PBUPD (Penjaringan Superior Seeds of Regional Development). "Winning Swadana Penjaringan Seeds (PBS) including acceptance by the route. About the requirements and procedures, as well as in crawl seeds remain so despite having the required achievement ranks twenty-five percent of best in class, "said Budi

For the record, SNMPTN Write Exam will be held on June 1 and June 2, 2011, while the announcement will be made at the end of June 2011. For the selection of new students SNMPTN lane will be open invitation from February 2011. (UGM / General)

for more details, my friends can read it on the following link;


Our party will Siao PR MB GMU helping friends who are looking for information about the new driveway is applied in this year's UGM. Especially to prospective participants PBOS, can see the terms and conditions to be met at the following address;


or contact the PR MB CP GMU: +62856 6998 falita-4152.

We wait for the presence of friends prospective participant in UGM and PBOS MB joining GMU. As well as to other friends who want to study in UGM.


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