Anticipate the fleas, the local committee of the National College Entrance Selection (SNMPTN) 2011 to register for the participant lines coincide with the implementation SNMPTN invitation today, Tuesday (31 / 5).

In his press statement, Rector Unpad Ganjar Kurnia said, the registration done today and tomorrow, Wednesday (1 / 6) starting at 8 am. "Implementation deliberately coincided with a written exam SNMPTN time to prevent fleas," he told reporters at the House of ITB Labtek V Road Ganeca Jakarta, Tuesday (31 / 5).

In addition to preventing 'fleas', the implementation of the 2011 line registration of participants SNMPTN invitation made to collect information about the actual data path invitation prospective students.

"The reason is this invitation from the path there are some who enter the program mission and aim we do not want the wrong target," added Rector Sunaryo Kartadinata UPI Bandung at the same event.

In this year, Unpad receives about 900 prospective students from the path of the invitation, as many as 1050 UPI Bandung, ITB as much as EUR 1979 and UIN Jakarta as much as 94 prospective students.

Meanwhile, this afternoon had been a queue of vehicles at some point in the city such as Jalan Cikutra and Jl. PHH Mustofa. Yet the police have fielded at least anticipate with 555 personnel spread in the points which became the SNMPTN.

"We lose 555 personnel to escort the course of the exam SNMPTN. The 555 members come from Polrestabes plus of Police-Police in the city of Bandung", said Head of Public Relations Bandung Polrestabes Kompol Endang Sri Revelation Mapolrestabes Utami told reporters in Jakarta.

According to him, securing the test will be conducted in closed and open. "Babysitting will start from Tuesday morning. The point is to open security safeguards do police officers in full uniform. The closed security do plainclothes police officers", he said.

From the data obtained by the police, said Endang, SNMPTN followed 35 248 participants. Test activities will be divided into two parts, namely the written and skills.

State Islamic University Sunan Gunung Djati (UIN SGD) will only accept 472 new students through the Higher Education National Selection (SNMPTN) 2011. This number has decreased quite dramatically, because in SNMPTN 2010, UIN SGD receives about 900 new students from 2,000 applicants.

Vice Rector I UIN SGD Nurol Aen revealed, reducing the number of new admissions is because currently there is rehab the entire building SGD UIN campus, located on Jl. A. H. Nasution, the city of Bandung.

According Nurol, currently most of the students UIN SGD teaching and learning activities in schools located around campus. "Reducing the number of new admissions through the path of this SNMPTN special for 2011 only. Our old buildings destroyed, and the construction of new buildings is running. We are targeting the construction could be completed in late 2011, so in 2012 we can accept new students more, "said Nurol after the news conference with the local committee SNMPTN, in the Executive Lounge Unpad, Jln. Dipati Measure, New York, on Friday (21 / 1).

According Nurol, UIN SGD also open the lines of invitations to outstanding students who recommended the school. Of the 472 seats SNMPTN, rations for the invitation path about 100 students. Nurol explained, in addition to open lines SNMPTN, in the academic year 2011-2012, the UIN SGD will also keep open the lines of independent, academic tracking, and capture missions. So the total of new students will be accepted UIN SGD around 3,000 students.


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