The results of the National Selection of Higher Education (SNMPTN) through invitation or selection based on high academic achievement in high school began to be announced tonight. The number of participants who passed the invitation of the lane as much as 46,706 people.

"The number of participants who received an invitation through the 46 706 people. It was about 20.04% of the total registrants, while the number of applicants are all 232 948 people," said Chairman of the Organizing Committee SNMPTN 2011, Herry Suhardiyanto in a press conference at the House of Directorate General of Higher Education (Directorate General of Higher Education) Ministry of National Education, Senayan, Jakarta, Tuesday (05/17/2011) night.

The results of the selection process can be viewed online starting tonight on the site http://undangan.snmptn.ac.id. Then can also be viewed through a number of print media May 18, 2011 edition.

"From now inaccessible," said Herrick.

Please note that SNMPTN in 2011 carried out through two pathways, ie paths and trails invitation written exam. The new pathway invitation this year was held, is the selection process of new students through academic achievement during the Senior Secondary School.

So only students who do well are entitled to follow the path SNMPTN invitation. In addition, students are also recommended by the Principal of each invitation to follow the path.

According to data from the committee SNMPTN 2011, the total number of participants who sign up invitation SNMPTN pathways are 232,948 people of a total of 8227 schools across Indonesia. Registration was done online on February 1 until March 15, 2011, then followed by two stages of selection by 58 State College (PTN) on 21 March to 14 May 2011.

Special invitation to the path, the committee predicted SNMPTN capacity of 57,267 people received. But in practice only 46,706 people received. Thus, there are 10,561 seats remaining to be added on the next line written examination.

Of the total 46,706 people who pass the invitation lines, the most widely selected is UB as much as 4370 people, State University of Semarang as many as 3495 people, as many as 2514 Bogor Institute of Agriculture, University of Indonesia as many as 2327 people, and the Bandung Institute of Technology as many as 1979 people.

If the number of 46,706 people only 20% of the total registrants, then for the next written exam path is still available seats about 106 thousand. The selection process SNMPTN 2011 through written examinations will be held on May 31 to June 1 next.


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