Participants Snmptn Jalur Undangan are schools that have registered on the database system in 2010 and prioritized SNMPTN have accreditation A or B. Students who can follow this pathway is consistently outstanding students for 5 semesters.

Dean of the Faculty of Sport Sciences, State University of Jakarta (FIK UNJ) Bambang Sujiono regretted selection mechanism contained in the national college entrance state (SNMPTN) pathway invitation. According to him, the path forward the invitation-only students excel academically so they can not be a reference to entry in the study program (Prodi) skills (sports and arts).

"In line invitation, we actually expect the athletes. But, it turns out that path based solely on academic values ​​in school, great academic value that is sent so there is no sporting achievement. It is our pity," said Bambang to Kompas.com, Friday (06/03/2011) on Campus UNJ, East Jakarta.

He added, lane invitation to Prodi sports and the arts should not only excel in academic value. Students also must have the achievement, then students can be accepted as a prospective student.

"But this is not, which sent only students who are smart academically, while performance in sports or arts do not exist," he said.

In addition, Bambang also regretted the university is not allowed to conduct independent tests in line SNMPTN invitation.

"So, we can not accept because we can not perform self-test. We did not dare to accept participants who register online for fear that they have the disease and so on. Prodi is our skill, are unlikely to accept without doing the test," he said.

According to him, it has delivered the UNJ. However, because the procedure has been created and can not be changed suddenly, realization can not this year.

"Next year we will propose again. Should we fix, the incoming line invitations sports and arts should have their achievements in sports and the arts, not just with academic achievement alone," he said.

In an effort to meet the quota of new students, FIK SNMPTN UNJ using a written test / skill as well as through the test independently to recruit students who are competent and meet the selection criteria. He said, UNJ actually have an independent test, which is a new admissions (penmaba).

"Usually there are recommendations from various parties, where we can gather with our selection for this SNMPTN general everyone can apply, but self-acceptance test of specialized, so we can find a seed that was really good," he explained.

"Quotas for the invitation we give to others, so we are confident it will be fulfilled. In addition, we are more comfortable because it can perform self-test and selecting those who are fully competent in the sport," he said.


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