Udayana University is one of Indonesia’s leading teaching and research universities, they offer both undergraduate degrees as well as a range of postgraduate degrees.
At Udayana University, they are committed to providing you with a mixture of excellence academic education, enjoyable education experience, social interaction and engagement with local and wider community. They have an ambitious vision towards a world class university through our distinctive ability to integrate education and research. The Udayana University continous to rise its national rangkings by listed within the top 15 universities in 2007, confirmed our position a step closer to our ambition.

Announced to prospective new students of Udayana University, academic year 2011/2012 received through National Selection of Higher Education (SNMPTN) Track Invite Local Committee Denpasar (63) in 2011 to register with the following conditions:

1. Time, Place of Payment and Registration:

a. Payment in Bank Mandiri (mention No.Pendaftaran / No.Ujian) from Date. 23 s.d May 26, 2011.

b. Registration or re-register from 24 till Date May 27, 2011 at: 09:00 to 14:30. Pm at the Registration Counters The Education Bureau of Academic Administration Building Floor Rectorate Bukit Jimbaran Campus.

c. Forms / Files Registration can be taken on a window is provided by the Committee on the Education Section of Bukit Jimbaran Campus BAA.

2. Registration requirements

Submit all registration files, namely:

a. Proof of payment of tuition fees according to the list Prodi (Table 1)

b. Participants sign SNMPTN Invitation Line Year 2011

c. Photocopy of diploma that has been legalized / Certificate of Graduation (1 lbr).

d. The results of Medical Examination (medical test located in Building Bukit Jimbaran Unud Widya Sabha)

e. Color photographs size 2 x 3 cm = 2 lbr, (behind the name is written in question)

f. Forms / Files Registration is already filled with complete and correct.

g. Invitation for participants who followed the path SNMPTN Scholarship Program Mission Aim at Registration Registration is required to compile files on Counters Shutter Special Mission that has been provided.

3. Other Provisions

a. Not Passed File Verification, and canceled graduation as a student fee already paid refunded 100%.

b. Cancellations due to graduate study at Udayana University and enroll in State Universities Other, fee already paid refunded 25%


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