Unhalu new admissions process in 2011 consisted of lines of the National Selection and Local Selection. National selection pathway called the National Selection Tingii Education (SNMPTN) consists of two groups, namely through the Gaza SNMPTN SNMPTN Line Invitations and Written Exam / Skills. Invitation Line registration process implemented 1 February to 12 March 2011 and lines Written Test / Skill held on May 2 to 24 2011. The process of registration and other information about the second pathway is regulated in a separate guide.

The description in this guide describes the new admissions through the path Unhalu Search Interests and Potential Program (PPMP). The program aims to recruit graduates of SMA / SMK / MA achievers in every school in the entire region of Southeast Sulawesi. This program prepared by the quota number of prospective new students who received 40% after a 60% allocated to prospective new students are accepted through a national selection (lane SNMPTN written / skills and track invitations).

Student achievement is meant can be seen from the consistency of the student report card is in 25% of best in class each semester, a special performance appraisals of teachers or principals, and other accomplishments that support and corresponding study program (Prodi) is selected. Passing on a certain Prodi is also determined by the level of competition among the applicants in a single Prodi. Therefore, the participants prospective new students are expected to choose carefully Prodi Prodi from a maximum of three selected. The order of priority interest Prodi option from the main applicant. Should also be noted that there are certain Prodi should not require a physical disability or disabilities as it can hamper the smooth process of learning and completion of academic tasks.

The selection process in 2011 is different from the previous year, the registration has been using information technology (on-line registration). It takes a principal role is more active in seeking information and input the school profile data, other data as well as the rank ordering of each class of outstanding students online. The process of registration fee payments made by the student or prospective student must also be represented on-line on Revenue Account at Bank BNI 46 Unhalu whose system is already connected to the website Unhalu (www.unhalu.ac.id). Charging data online is expected to expand the reach of information, speed up the registration process, facilitate the organization of applicant data, speed up the selection process, and ensure accountability and transparency of the process.

This year, in addition to filling an online form, all form fields manually (Form 1 - Form 5) and all its supporting files must be sent by mail or hand delivered to:

PPMP Unhalu Selection Committee Secretariat in 2011
Office BAAK Unhalu
Campus Green Earth Tridharma Anduonohu
Jl. H. E. A. Mokodompit, Kendall
Tel. (0401) 3191424-3194925

All documents in this guide sent to schools in the area of ​​Southeast Sulawesi, or can be downloaded and printed via the website Unhalu (www.unhalu.ac.id).

For areas that do not have internet facilities, online registration can be done with the help of staff PPMP Unhalu Selection Committee in 2011 at the help desk located in the Office of BAAK Unhalu.

Payment of registration fees made online via the Revenue Account at Bank BNI 46 Unhalu Kendall Branch. Payment of registration fees is a condition that must be done so that prospective applicants registered on the database prospective freshmen applicants Unhalu. Payment can be done alone or by the other party by entering the correct data and proper.

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