Based on the results announcement of Higher Education National Selection (SNMPTN) received in UNLAM Banjarmasin, there are some very minimal faculty applicants.

Participants who register this year enroll more specific faculty. While several other faculty was minimal registrants.

This also causes the number of participants who passed the UNLAM, not in accordance with the quota provided.

"Participants mostly registered in the Faculty of Medicine, Guidance and Counseling, Economics, Mathematics and Science, Law and Engineering course for this year. Just as in previous years. The Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries is very minimal," said Prof. Hadi Sutarto, as vice chairman in Panlok SNMPTN UNLAM.

To that end, this UNLAM Provost IV, admitted quite concerned and very upset with the condition.

"The last few years, demand for the faculty of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries has declined. In 10 years only, of course this is very dangerous, because we will lack the human resources in the field, let alone our country is an agricultural country, which is closely related to these three faculties, "he said.

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