In 2011 SNMPTN University Borneo Tarakan (UBT) using two patterns, ie patterns with lines SNMPTN invitations and writing, as well as patterns of self SNMPTN independent pattern outstanding students from various regions and patterns of self-written exams.

Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Universita Borneo Tarakan (UBT), Prof. Dr. Bahri Muhammad Arifin, said enrollment in the UBT SNMPTN invitation path has been closed May 18, and noted there are 196 people who register, but received only 88 people.

"Those who accepted the invitation to go back on track to register on May 31 and June 1. If they are accepted is not doing the registration, then considered a resignation," he said.

While independent SNMPTN new plan will be implemented July 1. Any quota provided only 30 percent of 1160 people who received quota.

"So those who have not signed up to participate in a pattern independent. But in this self-contained pattern quotas provided a bit. For independent patterns of bright students from various regions only 10 per cent, and the pattern of self by following the written exam is only 20 percent," he said.


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