With the transfer of registration to SNMPTN PPKB Invitation Line, then the PPKB applicants are asked to register again (via the principal) to the Gaza SNMPTN Invitations began February 1, 2011

PPKB registrants must register again in SNMPTN Invitations without the need to pay the registration fee. NISN UI will identify the participants, therefore make sure the school has to fill in your account online registration NISN PPKB participants.

Participants can check whether NISN PPKB was already included or not by the school, by opening his account PPKB registration.

Date 24 to 28 January 2011 is the date for the principal activities (school parties who process PPKB) to fill the registrant NISN PPKB. This serves to simplify the process of integration into SNMPTN PPKB Invitation pathway.

So, make sure the school has to fill NISN PPKB each student in his account. Each student can check his account PPKB already loaded NISN whether or not the otomotas, if at the time of registering their students at the Principal has entered NISN Invitation SNMPTN such students, then the status of pay was supposed to be "OK".

Return of overpayment will be coordinated by the Principal, is not transferred each participant.

PPKB registrant can choose the same course of study in line SNMPTN invitation, EVEN can add options to the other state universities with a number of options in each PTN maximum of 3 courses


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