Malikussaleh university established by taking the name of the first King of the Kingdom of Pasai Ocean, which is based on the spirit of the relay and the development of leadership that has been laid through the pioneering nature, dynamism, and patriotism Malikussaleh Sultan. Islamic empire in the history of Pasai Ocean documented as the first Islamic kingdom in the archipelago that became the forerunner to the center of the development and spread of Islam in the archipelago and Southeast Asia, is a center of Islamic Education and Science renowned warrior spirit who left for future generations in developing the Islamic religion, science, technology, art, and culture that has produced Syech (Professor) and other scientists. So that the brilliance of their thinking at that time had a large impact on the Era of Prosperity and Glory (Welfare State) or "Baldatun Thayyibatun Rabbun Ghafu, a Beautiful Interior, Justice, and Prosperous which Allah approves.

Sultan Malikussaleh not only been able to lay a solid foundation in his time, even the fundament that she had been coloring uphold the character and spirit of this nation until now. Although in the Aceh region Pasai Ocean Empire has gone and Malikussaleh also have died, but the pioneering spirit, dynamism, and patriotism are still etched in the hearts and become drivers of the struggle of this nation. Historical background is animated by a spirit that is the cornerstone of hope for the next generation produced by the University Malikussaleh. Supported by a great natural resource-rich, University Malikussaleh expected to empower the human resources in particular areas of North Aceh and Aceh in general.


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