UNSYIAH, is a manifestation of the will of the people of Aceh to have a state institution of higher education, as it never existed and evolved in the past.

In the reign of Sultan Iskandar Muda, the Kingdom of Aceh has been a center of science are well known. The students and faculty come from all over the world, such as the Turkish Empire, Iran, and India. Kuala Shiites, whose name ditabalkan at public universities in the Veranda of Mecca, is a leading cleric named Nusantara Tunku Abdur Rauf Singkili As in the XVI century, famous both in the field of science and religious law.

In 1957, formed the beginning of Aceh Province, Aceh government leaders, among others, by Governor Ali Hasjmy, Lord of War Lieutenant Colonel H. Syamaun Ghaharu and Major T. Hamzah Treasurer and supported the authorities, scholars, clerics, and other politicians have agreed to lay the groundwork for regional education development in Aceh.

April 21, 1958, Aceh's Welfare Fund Foundation (YDKA) was formed with the purpose of development held in order to realize the spiritual and temporal welfare and happiness of society. YDKA was initially chaired by Regent M. Husen, Head of Public Administration in the Office of the Governor at the time, which was then headed by Governor Ali Hasjmy. YDKA put together a program include:
a. Establishing the township schoolchildren / students in the provincial capital city and every county in the region of Aceh.
b. Pursue the establishment of a university for the region of Aceh.

Consistent with this idea, dated June 29, 1958, Lord of War Special Region of Aceh form AND CREATOR OF THE CITY COMMISSION Planner STUDENT / STUDENT. The Commission is regarded as siblings YDKA this commission has the task as creators, thinkers body, and inspiration for YDKA, so the commission is seen as a major capital construction of township learners / students.

Creator of the Commission chaired by the Governor and Lt. Col. Ali Hasjmy T. Hamzah as vice chairman. The first results of his work which is creating a name for the city DARUSSALAM student / student, and the Shiite KUALA for the University established.
So many attempts were made by the joint commission YDKA Creator to realize development and UNSYIAH Darussalam.

Determination of the government and people of Aceh to rebuild Aceh's education, has been firmly entrenched in the chest, so that a year later, on August 17, 1958 has held a groundbreaking ceremony of student / student (KOPELMA) KH Darussalam by the Minister of Religious Affairs Mohd. Ilyas on behalf of central government, a week later followed by laying the first stone building in Darussalam conducted by Minister Prof. MDD. Dr. Priyono.

A year later the desire and aspirations of the Acehnese to have a college has become a reality. City Students Darussalam President Sukarno was officially opened on September 2, 1959, accompanied by the unveiling monument Darussalam and the official opening of the first faculty UNSYIAH, namely the Faculty of Economics. September 2, is then defined as the Regional Education Day Aceh, which is commemorated each year by the people of Aceh, the day that contains the meaning of the revival of education in this area.

At the opening and inauguration Kopelma Darussalam, President Sukarno declared that Darussalam Aceh as a regional education center is a symbol of a peaceful climate and atmosphere of unity, the result of cooperation between the people and leaders in Aceh, as well as capital development and progress in particular areas of Aceh and Indonesia generally.

History has proven that determination has to realize the ideals become a reality, and this fact has been immortalized in a sketch on a monument Darussalam through the handwriting of a leader of the country.
From then on, all components of the Acehnese people come to devote thought and effort and work hand in hand in building that foundation Darussalam UNSYIAH. Police, soldiers, employees, school children, people around the village of Darussalam worked together to take part with full sincerity to establish and donate the labor for the construction of Darussalam, which is seen as the "People's Heart of Aceh".

Unsyiah embryo that starts from the Faculty of Economics, followed by the establishment of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science in 1960. Unsyiah, as a new university was formally declared on June 21, 1961 through the Ministerial Decree No. PTIP. 11 of 1961 and by Presidential Decree No. pengesahaannya. 161 dated 24 April 1962. Along with the opening of SK Unsyiah, it also opened the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, and Faculty of Law and Public Knowledge.

Unsyiah development continued with the establishment of the Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. Besides the 8 faculties with Strata 1 level is, until today Unsyiah profession has had a program for physicians and veterinarians, diploma programs 3 (D-III) Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Mathematics, diploma programs 2 (D-II PGSD) Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, S1 Extension Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Agriculture, as well as parallel classes S1 FKIP.

In addition, UNSYIAH also has opened his Master's degree programs (PPs) Master in Economics and Development Studies (IESP), Master of Management (MM), Conservation of Land Resources (KSDL), Management Education (MP), and Master of Engineering (MT ). In the 1998/1999 academic year, UNSYIAH has received new students for the Doctoral Program (S3) in the field of economics.

Vision and Mision

Syiah Kuala University has a vision to estabilish itself as an innovative, independent, and outstanding university in term of the development of science, technology, humanities, sport and arts, in order to produce qualified graduates who highly honour moral and ethical value.

  • To implement "Tri Dharma " of Higher Learning institutions in order to support local, national, and international development by utilizing available local resourcees.
  • To enhance academic quality in order to pruduce highly competitive graduates.
  • To apply integrated quality management in the field of education through the application of transparent, participatory, efficient and pruductive principles.
  • To continuously strengthen and broaden the network of institutional cooperations in an effort to develop and preserve the findings of sciences, technology, humanities, sports and arts.
  • To materialize itself as an independent university.

Education Programs

The Education Programs was the activity that contained studying experience unanimity in science, skills and the attitude that carry out by respectively the major. At the moment the Syiah Kuala University opened 10 faculties among them:

  1. Faculty of Economics
  2. Faculty of Veterinary
  3. Faculty of Law
  4. Faculty of Engineering
  5. Faculty of Agriculture
  6. Faculty of Teacher Training and Education
  7. Faculty of Medicine
  8. Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
  9. Faculty of Social and Political Sciences
  10. Faculty of Maritime Affairs & Fisheries

The Education Programs consist of :

  1. Diploma Programs (D3)
  2. Undergraduate Programs (S1)
  3. Graduate Programs (S2)
  4. Doctorate Program (S3)


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