University of Nusa Cendana or abbreviated UNDANA is one of the state universities in Indonesia. Geographically located in the city of Kupang, West Timor, the capital city of the province of East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. It is the only state university located at the extreme south-east of Indonesia. It is strategically positioned at the Pacific rim and closest to neighbouring Australia, New Zealand, and Democratic Republic of Timor Leste.

Since its establishment in 1st of September 1962, Undana has now prevailed with 9 faculties containing 47 study programmes and 6 postgraduate programmes.

Undana has; over 924 lecturers, more than 20,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students and over 600 supporting staff. Undana has produced over 36,000 graduates, approximately 70% of our graduates are working at the civil services in the province as well as in 16 districts within the province of NTT. Many of them are currently holding management positions; which made Undana proud of its standing in the region.

However, by comparison to other universities in Java and other countries in South East Asia, we realised that we are more of a teaching university instead of a research university. Recently, we are determined to change that. We recognise the importance of research in the development of science and Undana is ready to foster researches in unique areas that we have most expertise on, like Semi-Arid Agriculture, Animal Science, Rural Education and Community Health.

It is a great challenge to build Undana in various areas to achieve its objectives. Cooperation, network and support from central, provincial and district governments as well as from well-established higher education institutions in Indonesia and overseas - such as from other countries in Asia, United States, European Union member countries, Canada, Australia and New Zealand- is essential to accelerate the process of becoming an excellent university at both national and international scene.

Organisational Structure

Vision and Mission

Our vision is clearly stated in our tagline "A Global-Oriented University". As the world's borders diminish with technology and free trade , it becomes clear that the time has changed. In order to survive in a world without borders, we have to be better prepared and Undana aspires to be a university that prepares its students to be high quality human resources capable of competing at global market.

University of Nusa Cendana's Vision

A global-oriented university

University of Nusa Cendana's Mission

  • To produce high quality human resources capable of competing at global labour market and creating job opportunities through improved learning system
  • To undertake market-oriented research and development activities to enhance regional and national competitiveness
  • To increase the capacity of the university to contribute more to community by enabling development of a knowledge-based society
  • To conduct and improve quality of services for students
  • To attain a dynamic, professional, effective, efficient, and accountable internal university-wide management system
  • To develop and increase collaborations in various areas with other institutions at national, regional and international levels towards improving independency of Undana and its graduates

University of Nusa Cendana's Objectives

  • To attain skilled, professional graduates who are able to compete in the global job market and being able to create job opportunities
  • To develop a professional higher education system
  • To establish partnership between Undana and other institutions at local, regional, national, and international levels towards improving independency of Undana and its graduates
  • To develop a dynamic, professional, effective, efficient, and accountable management system

International Office

To ensure that the tagline "A Global Oriented University" does not end up as a mere vision statement, University of Nusa Cendana actively pursue international cooperations with various overseas universities, government bodies and companies. University of Nusa Cendana's International Office is responsible for managing these cooperations with various overseas universities and companies.

Some of the overseas universities and companies that cooperate with University of Nusa Cendana in areas such as students and scholars exchange, researches, training and internship include :

Dili Institute of Technology , Democratic Republic of Timor Leste - Research and Community Development

Flinders University (in picture), Australia - Staff Development, Academic and Students Exchange

Universidade Dili, Democratic Republic of Timor Leste - Operational Cooperation

Charles Darwin University, Australia - Academic Exchange and Research Collaboration

Utah State University Logan, Utah USA - Operational Cooperation

Universidade Da Paz, Timor Leste

USAID - Cooperation Agreement

IALF, Australia - English Language Training

Utah State University- USA


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