Undana as a state university applies a two-semester teaching system where one academic year is divided into two parts of six months namely Odd Semester and Even Semester. An academic semester comprises of 4 full months - equivalent to a minimum of 16 times of lecture/meetings. The remaining months are used for administrative and academic activities such as:

  • Admission of new students.
  • Enrollment of both new and existing students.
  • Academic consultation with academic advisors.
  • Graduations : Undana holds three graduations in a year, usually on January, May and September.
  • Anniversary events
  • New students orientation
  • Community services for 6th and 7th semester students
  • Undergraduate research
  • End of year research seminar
  • Short training in various areas

Student admission is conducted in three ways :

  • Admission of New Students Examination (Indonesian SNMPTN Examination)

This is a nation-wide examination program where candidates who have applied have to undergo two-days examination covering science and social science subjects. This exam is conducted once a year, around the month of June, usually candidates will have to start applying on May. Several weeks after the examination, the results will be announced publicly in the media.

  • Merit-Based Admission (Jalur Undangan)

Merit-Based admission is selection primarily based on potential students' performance in high schools. In order to select the best candidates, Undana conducted a screening in selected high schools, students with very good performances in the first two years of high school and high achievers can be granted admission to Undana without undergoing the Admission of New Students Examination.

  • Special Route Admission (Jalur Mandiri)

There is a small quota provided for students who would like to join Undana in the Special Route Admission procedure. This admission procedure is for overseas candidates, transferred students,post graduate candidates and special non-degree programs. For special route admission, feel free to download the application form here and submit it anytime of the year.

If you need further information on Undana's admission procedure, you can contact our office at (0380) 881580.


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