Hasanuddin University, abbreviated Unhas, is a public university in Makassar, Indonesia, which stood on June 11, 1956. Rector in 2006 was Prof. Dr. dr. K. A. Paturusi, Sp.BO.

This college was originally a development of the Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia when the Bung Hatta was a Vice President. Unhas campus was originally built in Baraya or Baraya Campus.

Initiate the establishment of the University of Hasanuddin officially in 1956, in the city of Makassar in 1947 has been established which is a branch of the Faculty of Economics Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia (UI) in Jakarta based on the decision of Lieutenant Governor General of Netherlands Indies Government No. 127 dated July 23, 1947. Because of the protracted uncertainty and chaos in Makassar and surrounding the faculty, led by Drs LA Enthoven (director) is frozen and just reopened as a branch of the UI School of Economics on October 7, 1953 under the leadership of Prof. Drs. G.H.M. Riekerk. Faculty of Economics truly live as a forerunner to the University of Hasanuddin led by acting chairman after Prof. Drs. Wolhoff and secretary Drs. Muhammad Baga on 1 September 1956 until the founding of the University of Hasanuddin on September 10, 1956.

At the time of the stagnation of the Faculty of Economics at the end of 1950, Nuruddin Creed, Prof. Drs. G.J. Wolhoff, Mr. Tjia Kok Chiang, J.E. Tatengkeng and his friends prepare for the establishment of private Law School. Their labor and give birth Sawerigading Institute of Higher Education under the chairmanship of Prof. Drs. G.J. Wolhoff still trying to realize the public universities through the establishment of the State University of Fighters Committee in March 1950. The road taken to realize the university was preceded by opening the Faculty of Law and Public Knowledge, a branch of Faculty of Law University of Indonesia (UI), which was formally established on March 3, 1952 with the first dean Prof. Mr. Djokosoetono is also as Dean of the Faculty of Law University of Indonesia (UI). Based on high employee morale, independence and devotion, led by Prof. Faculty of Law. Dr. Mr. C. Prof. de Heern and proceed. Drs. G.H.M. Riekerk, within a period of four years were able to separate themselves from the University of Indonesia with the release of PP no. 23 of 1956 dated 10 September 1956.

Step Higher Education Center Foundation effort to establish the Faculty of Medicine Sawerigading manifested by agreement between the Foundation by the Ministry of PP and K are defined in the Council of Ministers meeting on October 22, 1953. Under the provisions of the Preparatory Committee for the Faculty of Medicine was established in Makassar which is chaired by Shamsuddin Muhammad Rashid Mangawing Daeng Daeng Sirua as a secretary and members of JE Tatengkeng, Andi Patiwiri Sampara Daeng and Lili. On January 28, 1956, Minister of P and K Prof. Mr. R. Soewandi inaugurated the Faculty of Medicine, Makassar, which later turned into the Faculty of Medicine, University of Hasanuddin in line with the launch of Hasanuddin University on September 10, 1956.

Struggle and determination of the people of South Sulawesi to give birth to the son of a nation that experienced techniques to achieve success when P and K minister issued Decree No. RI. 88 130 / S dated 8 September 1960 regarding the inauguration of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Hasanuddin chaired by lr. J. Pongrekun and secretary lr. Ramli Cambari Saka with the three departments of Civil, Mechanical and Shipping. Formed in 1963 following the Department of Electronics and Engineering Faculty of Architecture and complete as faculty to-4.

Preceding the Ministerial Decree PP and K dated December 3, 1960 Avg. 102248/UU/1960 regarding the establishment of the Faculty of Letters, University of Hasanuddin, there has been a "fusion" some units B.1 Course Program of Higher Education Foundation to the University of Hasanuddin Makassar. The Foundation is chaired by Shamsuddin Dg Mangawing members include Prof. G.J. This is a fraction Wolhoff Sawerigading University, led by Nur al-Din Creed. Events "fusion" B.1 Paedagogik Course Program, Literature East and West to the UNHAS Literature on November 2, 1959 was a forerunner of the Faculty of Literature which was officially formed according to PP and K ministerial decree dated 3 November 1960.

Following the "birth" of the Faculty of Literature, was born into the Faculties - the Faculty of Social Politics 6 in accordance with the decree of the Minister of P & K dated January 30, 1961 Avg. A. 4692/U.U.41961, valid from February 1, 1961. At the beginning of this faculty is called the Private University Faculty of Tata Praja University August 17, 1945, founded by Mr.. Tjia Kok Chiang who later became head of the faculty after penegeriannya accompanied by Mr. Sukamto as secretary. On 15 November 1962 Mr. Sukamto Abdullah was appointed as Dean and Amu became Secretary.

In the old leadership of the Rector A. Amiruddin by decree of the Minister of Education and Culture No.. 0266/Q/1977 dated July 16, 1977 Faculty of Arts are integrated into the Faculty of Social and Cultural limu with the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences Faculty of Economics. The same thing happened to the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Mathematics and Science are integrated into the Faculty of Science and Technology Faculty of Law exception that is not "willing" to integrate with the Faculty of Science - Social Sciences Culture. Intermittent six years later in 1983 which was repealed by integrating keluamya PP. 5 Year 1980 which was followed by Presidential Decree No.. 68 of 1982.

Through cooperation with IPB Bogor and at the request of the Rector Prof. Arnold Mononutu Establishment of the Preparatory Committee was formed consisting of Prof. Faculty of Agriculture. Dr. A. Azis Ressang, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and lr Fachrudin IPB, IPB Faculty of Agriculture expert assistant. Prof. cooperation. Ressang et al with the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Indonesia and IPB yielded PTIP Affairs Minister Prof. SK. Dr. lr. Toyib Hadiwidjaya dated August 17, 1962 and officially became the College of Agriculture faculty of the University of Hasanuddin 7 in the environment.

Governor Andi Pangerang Petta Rani in the meeting dated March 11, 1963 appointed lr. Aminuddin Ressang as chairman of the sub - committee work must Establishment of Faculty of Science and Natural Science (FIPIA) officially formed by PTIP Minister of telegram dated August 8, 1963 Avg. 59 1 followed by Ministerial Decree No. BM/PTIP/63. 102 of 1963 applicable date August 17, 1963.
The committee was formed in 1963 Founder of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Husbandry in Makassar, which is chaired by a member Shamsuddin Dg Mangawing Rani Andi Pangerang Petta, DVM. A. Dahlan and Andi Patiwiri. On October 10, 1963 established the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Husbandry (FKHP) the private status didekani by DVM. Achmad Dahlan with Dean I, II, respectively - each DVM. Muh. Gaus Siregar and Andi Baso Ronda, B. Agr.Sc. Commencing May 1, 1964 the private faculty became the Faculty of Animal Husbandry dinegerikan Hasanuddin University meialui Ministerial Decree No. PTIP. 37 11964 On May 4, 1964.

Dental Education was established on January 23, 1969 as a result of cooperation between the University of the Armed Forces - Navy Admiral as pilot hasif Mursalim Mamanggun Dg, SH , Rector Dr. Unhas Let.Kolonel. M. Natsir Said, SH and Drg. Halima Dg Sikati and was named the Institute of Dentistry Yos Sudarso. In 1970 the Institute officially became the Department of Dentistry, University of Hasanuddin and subsequently became Unhas Faculty of Dentistry in 1983.

Faculty of Public Health (FKM) was established on November 5, 1982 tangggal initially admit students who graduate Diploma in Three Health and later in 1987 FKM Unhas accept high school graduates. FKM is the faculty to the 11th in Unhas environment.

As the realization of the development pattern of Scientific Principles (PIP) as the reference orientation of higher education institutions in Indonesia, then in 1988 UNHAS officially opened the program with the Marine Science Studies No.19/Dikti/Kep/1988 SK Director General of Higher Education, dated June 16, 1988 . In the beginning because there is no proper container cross-faculty program status and direct dibawahi rector. Given the nature of marine-oriented, the program was eventually formed into the Faculty of Marine Sciences and Fisheries Department of Fisheries to merge into it by decree of the Minister of Education and Culture No.036/0/1996, dated January 29, 1996.

On the Anniversary of the - 25, 17 September 1981 President Soeharto inaugurated Tamalanrea campus that was originally designed by Paddock Inc.., Massachustts, the U.S. and built by OD 205, Netherlands in cooperation with PT. Sangkuriang Bandung on the land area of ​​220 Ha.

Since the issuance of Ministerial Decree No. PP and K. 3369 / S On 1 June 1, 1956 starting from 1 September 1956 and with the PP. 23 On 8 September 1956, the State Gazette. 39 In 1956 which was officially opened by Vice President Drs. Moh. Tangggal Hatta on 10 September 1956, UNHAS was led by a Rector, namely:

1. Prof. Mr.A.G. Pringgodigdo 1956 - 1957
2. Prof. Mr. K.R.M.T. Djokomarsaid 1957 - 1960
3. Prof. Mononutu Arnold 1960 - 1965
4. Let. Cabbage. Dr. M. Natsir Said, SH 1965 - 1969
5. Prof. Dr. A. Hafid 1969 - 1973
6. Prof. Dr. Ahmad Amiruddin 1973 - 1982
7. Prof. Dr. A. Hasan Walinono 1982 - 1984
8. Prof. Dr. Ir. Fachruddin 1984 - 1989
9. Prof. Dr. Basri Hasanuddin, M.A 1989 - 1997
10. Prof. Dr.Ir. Radi A. Gany 1997 - 2006
11. Prof. Dr.dr. K. A. Paturusi, Sp.BO 2006 - Now


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