Hasanuddin University (Unhas) Makassar open the registration of new students through a four lane entrance. Four lanes are as follows:

SNMPT lane divided ua line to enter Unhas in SNMPTN division, namely the path invitation and a written exam. To track an invitation can register directly at http://undangan.snmptn.ac.id This is national, while for the pathway can be directly written into the register http://www.snmptn.ac.id.

Selection without the written exam for high school students / MAN / a degree that has the potential to be accepted in Unhas. Sitting in class III (XII) in the year 2010/2011. Ranking of the top 20 percent of each class. Has sent F-03 in 2010. Not a transfer student from another school and choose a study program. registration to www.unhas.ac.id / pmb / jppb.

Open to high school students / se-graduate degrees from the last generation. Healthy physical and national achievement in the field of sports, arts, science (evidenced by an award or certificate). Register through www.unhas.ac.id/pmb/ select menu POSK.

Open to high school / a degree of force the last three. physically healthy, potentially in the academic field, capable of in the financial sector. register www.unhas.ac.id / pmb PMJNS select menu.

In addition, there are also scholarships for students Shutter Mission disadvantaged. The requirements generally are students in 2011, less capable. be funded for a student recorded from the first semester to 8th semester. given the cost is 5 million / semester. Forms can be obtained at www.unhas.ac.id.


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