University of Mataram (Unram) is a college organized under the Ministry of National Education, based in Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara Province. The process begins with the founding of the University of Mataram formation of the Preparatory Committee for the Establishment of the State University of Mataram by PTIP Decree number 89/62 dated June 26, 1962. The committee is chaired by the Head of the Provincial Governor of NTB, namely R. Ar. Moh. Ruslan tjakraningrat.

This then formed the preparatory committee of the Preparatory Committee, which consists of two parts, namely Part Core (Governor, Danrem, Police Chief, and Head of Branch High Attorney) and Section Operator (Section Lessons chaired by Drs. Soeroso, MA and is chaired by the Materials Section Sadili Sastrawidjaja , SH). The Preparatory Committee produced two main proposals, namely:

1. Establishment of the Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Animal Husbandry, and Faculty of generating an agronomist
2. Alternative name of the University: Sangkareang or MATARAM.

Based on the proposals forwarded by the Preparatory Committee of the Preparatory Committee, established the founding of the State University, located in Mataram, with PTIP Decree No. 139/62 dated 3 November 1962. Until one year after the publication of the decree, none of the activities marking the proper functioning of the university, so that at the request of the Governor, on November 17, 1963 Education Foundation Sangkareang Faculty of Economics, which is expected to open later would become one of the faculty at State University of Mataram.

Establishment of the Preparatory Committee of Mataram University was dissolved on December 7, 1963 because his job has been completed otherwise. On December 19, 1963 Education Foundation handed Sangkareang Faculty of Economics, founded with 41 students to the Governor for further inaugurated by the Minister of PTIP. At this moment the State University officially started its activities in Mataram. Based on this in the early days of the University of Mataram commemorating the anniversary on December 19. But after a series of process re-establishment of the observed later determined that the anniversary falls on every October 1.

In 1967, the University of Mataram established three faculties at once, namely the Faculty of Agriculture (1967), Faculty of Animal Husbandry (1967) and the Faculty of Law (1967). At that time the University of Mataram still a Presidiumschop. Based on the decision of Mataram University Senate Meeting on March 8, 1968, converted into rectorschop presidiumschop University. Keputuisan Senate is reinforced by the release of the Decree of the Director General of Higher Education 156/KT/I/SP/68 numbers are set from the date of March 1, 1968 presidiumschop University rectorschop University of Mataram Mataram became the head of the following composition:
Rector: Colonel M. Yusuf Abubakar
Assistant Rector: DVM. H.M. Anwar Abidin
Vice Rector II: Drs. Abdul Karim Sahidu
Vice Rector III: Drs. Abdul Munir
Special Provost: Ir. M. Qazuini

However, the Rector of the new position was confirmed in 1971 by Decree of the President of the Republic of Indonesia number 36 / M of 1971 dated March 22, 1971, commencing March 1, 1968.

After a period of Colonel M. Yusuf Abubakar, rector of the University of Mataram in a row is as follows,

1. Colonel Billy Suherman (caretaker) based on the Decree of the Minister of Education and Culture No. 13856/C/I/74 dated May 6, 1974.
2. Colonel CKH Soebiyanto, SH (Rector of the period 1974 to 1979) based on presidential decree number 62/M/75 21 April 1975.
3. Brigadier General Soebiyanto, SH. (Rector of the period 1979 to 1984) based on Presidential Decree number 141/M/1979 dated July 31, 1979.
4. Ir. M. Qazuini, M.Sc. (Rector of the period 1984 to 1988) by virtue of Presidential Decree No 122 / M of 1984 dated May 26, 1984.
5. Ir. M. Qazuini, M.Sc. (Rector of the period 1988 to 1993) by virtue of Presidential Decree No 237 / M of 1988 dated August 30, 1988.
6. Dr. Ir. Sri Widodo, M.Sc. (Rector of the period 1993 to 1997) based on Presidential Decree number 43 / M of 1993 dated February 8, 1993.
7. Prof. Dr. dr. Mulyanto (Rector of the period 1997 to 2001) by virtue of Presidential Decree No 74 / M 1997 April 2, 1997.
8. Ir. Mansur Ma'shum, Ph.D. (Rector of the Period 2001 to 2005) by virtue of Presidential Decree No 186 / M in 2001.
9. Prof. Ir. Mansur Ma'shum, Ph.D. (Rector of the Period 2005 to 2009) based on Presidential Decree Number 170 / M Year 2005.
10. Prof. Ir. Sunarpi, Ph.D. (Rector of the period 2009 to 2013) based on Presidential Decree No. 96 / M dated 21 September 2009.

During its development, until the academic year 2010/2011 Mataram University has 8 faculties. Four faculty is formed after the Faculty of Law Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (Guidance and Counseling), established by decree of the Rector of the University of Mataram number 102/PT.21/H4/1981 April 25, 1981. Then the Faculty of Engineering, the faculty was established based on the changing status of Mataram Technical High School (STTM) into the Civil Engineering Program according to the Decree of the Director General of Higher Education 68/Dikti/Kep/1991 numbers on 8 November 1991. Based on the Decree of the Minister of Education and Culture number 0375/o/1993 dated October 21, 1993 officially established the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Mataram. Two recent faculty who founded the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (Natural Sciences) and Faculty of Medicine, each based on an assessment is Rector of the University of Mataram Number 10146/H18/2007 dated August 25, 2007 and an assessment is Rector of the University of Mataram Number 10147/H18/2007 dated August 25, 2007.

Currently the University of Mataram manages 44 programs of study consisting of eight Masters courses, 29 courses and 7 S-1 D-3 program of study. Special Programme for Master Studies (S-2) is managed directly by the Graduate Program by Rector's Decree No.. 6847/J18.H/HK.01.11/2006 dated June 3, 2006.

Mataram University Headquarters for the first time held in Taman Mayura Cakranegara (a historic site for the people of Indonesia), then moved to Jalan Mataram 37 Education, and finally since 1993 which now occupies the Rectorate building on Jalan Majapahit 62 Mataram


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