It started by the good will and mutual aims between society and the Riau government to have the national university. It more realized by forming The University of Riau’s Preparation Committee in Tanjung Pinang. But, those committee relocated to Pekanbaru after Riau Province moved to Pekanbaru. The founding fathers of University of Riau are Colonel Kaharuddin Nasution, Datuk Wan Abdurrahman, Soesman Hs and Drs. Sultan Balia.

University of Riau’s Foundation formed by the hardwork of the committee. University of Riau was born with the decision letter University of Riau’s Foundation No.02/KPTS/JUR/6 on September 25th, 1962. It powered by decision letter of Science and University Minister No.123 on September 20th , 1963 and officially, legal on October 1st, 1962. At that time, the university have 2 faculty, they were faculty of commerce/trade management and state management and faculty of teacher and education sciences.

One year latter there were two new faculty, they were: Faculty of Economy and Faculty of Exact and Sciences.

In the 1964, Faculty of fish was authorized. University of Riau more complete as an university with two faculty of exact and three of non-exact faculty.

In the same year, faculty of teacher and education sciences was separated and became IKIP Jakarta branch of Pekanbaru. But four years latter (1968) rejoined with University of Riau and divided into two faculty, they were faculty of teachership and faculty of education, at that time University of Riau had 6 faculties.

In the 1981, Faculty of Technology non- degree (FNGT) was established with the majority of agriculture counseling and civil engineering, in the future it become Faculty of Agriculture and Faculty of Engineering. The next two years, the faculty of educational science was reunited and became faculty of teachership and educational science. In the 1991 FNGT was closed and open up the Faculty of Agriculture and then in the 1994, The faculty of Engineering as the sixth faculty was established.

The history of this university had been through so many changes, not just in structures but in its shape and its personels. Since it was established in 1962 untill 1978, UNRI took precidium system. These are the figures who had been as the Head of Precidium:

1. Brigjen. H. Kaharuddin Nasution (1962-1967).

2. Brigjen. H. Arifin Achmad (1967-1978).

Since 1978 untill 1980 UNRI called as an transition phase from precidium system to rectorat system. For that in case, Drs. H.M Farid Kasmy was appointed as an University iof Riau’s temporary rector. Then in 1980, University of Riau got its definitive rector, based on The President of Republic of Indonesia’s decision epistle No.148/M/1980.

Rectors of University of Riau:

1. Prof. Dr. Muchtar Lutfi (1980-1984,1985 - 1989)

2. Prof. Drs. M. Bosman Saleh, MBA (1989 - 1993)

3. Dr. Mohammad Diah, M.Ed. (1993 - 1997).

4. Prof. Dr. Muchtar Ahmad (1997 - 2001, 2002 - 2006)

5. Prof. Dr. Ashaludin Jalil (2006 - 2010, 2010 - 2014)

University of Riau will be always take a main role to encourage the development, support the social development, economy, and intelectuality for the nation development. University of Riau is getting involve in many society projects, doing by its self or even take a cooperation with government and private.

Vision of University of Riau

In 2020, University of Riau will be the research university as a maintenance centre, invention and IT development, an art to achieve the superiority refer to main scientific pattern (PIP), mtal values, civilization and culture which have some benefit for the welfare of people in Riau, specially for Indonesian people and generally for human being.

Mission of University of Riau

  • actualize high quality and good managerial capability of human resources
  • exploit the autonomy government system based on main pattern of development area
  • actualize faithful and pious persons to God and highminded persons
  • actualize academic capability persons, professional and enterpreneurship
  • actualize capability persons to implement education, research and dedication for society in order to increase self welfare, society, people, nations, Indonesia and human being.

Purpose of University of Riau

  • Prepare for educated students to become professional and academic capability in MMT approach in order to implement, develop and/or creat science, technology and/or art.
  • Develop and spread science, technology and/or art and strive for its use to increase people living standard and enrich national cultures and mankind civilization.
  • Encourage the development of democratic civil society by play role as an independent morality strength.
  • Achieve fund competitive advantages by resources management principle according with professional management of autonomy principle.
  • Capable to implement technology and sciences and art according with natural potential in its environment as a strong enterpreneur.

Function of University of Riau:

  • In order to implement the vision, mission and purpose, University of Riau have its functions:
  • Developing the education effectively, efficiency and in quality.
  • Doing research in order to developing cultures specially sciences, technology, education and art
  • Dedication to society
  • Maintaining academic civitas so they can positively integrated with their environment.
  • Implementing administrative service activities, transparent and accountable of fund autonomy management
  • Actualize sciences autonomy and academic freedom
  • Implementing Tri Darma University with the local government (province, regency, city) to synergy the implementations local autonomy and development basic pattern in Riau.

Facilities of Riau University

Languange Centre)

Service Unit and Languange Development of University of Riau (UP2B-UNRI) is one of the technic unit which the main function is to give the services for education, research and services to society.

The commitment of this units are (1) give services to non-english student necessity (i.e S-1 in all over non-english majority), (2) give services for the lectures and staff necessity (particulary in english preparation for study abroad), (3) give learning service for people in Riau to fullfill the needed of public services.

Service Unit and Languange Development of University of Riau (UP2B-UNRI) is complicated with the sufficient learning facilities, such as: (1) 40 booth and 13 unit AC of languange laboratory, (2) 2 AC rooms with comfortable chairs, (3) independent learning center, complicated with 700 books and 4 computers for independent learning.


Press is an important thing for developing the cultures. Since the worksheets of Rusydiah Club member published by the Ahmadiah Press of Singapore, Malay cultures specially its language get a good progress. Refer to that case, UNRI Press is continue that intellectual tradition by publishs academic civitas worksheet or all worksheet realated with Malay progress.

The support of this press founding in line with developing of publish world in Indonesia and generally in Riau, it is show the meaningfull acceleration, university press is one of educated meassurement of academic people and it still be society interest. Some books had been released by UNRI Press, share funded, UNRI Press, by itself or share funded with others.


UNRI Civil Servant Cooperation (KPN) is a tool to increase welfare if UNRI’s lectures and staffs. The sectors are saving and loans, cafeteria, photocopy booth, saling items booth and electricity bill service.

The main sector of KPN is saving and loan because 90% of cooperation fund come from this sector. It is so useful by the members because it have an easy qualification and could help the members to fulfill their needs, such as childrens education fund, medical funds or even for fasting month. Cafetaria service is authorize by rector to KPN to manage and give some quite advantages. This service is provide every needs of lectures, staff and students in food. Beside that, photocopy service and publishing gives some advantages to members and people in university.

Selling service is operated base on the request of members. This service powered by cooperation with some KPN cooperates who gets some fees and credit selling service by things distribution. Electricity bill service is a cooperation with PLN (National Electrict Company) at KPN counter since February 5th, 1989. It is provide the service for lectures, staff or people in university to pay their electricity bill.

Univeristy of Riau Foundation

University of Riau Foundation was a root of University of Riau standpoint, it had been overhanded its duties to UNRI management who appointed by government. But other efforts is still implemented by foundation such as UNRI kindergarten, transportation service and others. That effort is only implemented for UNRI interest. The other helpful foundation of UNRI Tridharma are UNRI Student Parent Association (POTMA) and UNRI Almamater Association.

University of Riau’s Mosque

UNRI have two great mosque, established together by UNRI academic civitas, they are Akramunnas Mosque located at Ronggowarsito and Ar-Faunnas Mosque located at Binawidya Campus. Akramunas mosque complex have a library and discuss room. Mosque in Binawidya Campus is 27x27 large and build in two floors. The first floor is used to library and discuss room and the second floor for praying.


Medical service is provided by UNRI for staff and student to prevent and holocaust the light diseases. It located in Pattimura Campus area and Binawidya Campus area.

UNRI Home Stay

UNRI is provide home stay in Ponegoro and Dumai with many facilities for UNRI guests.


There are telecommunication service, mail and giro in UNRI. It is located in Binawidya Campus area. It could fulfill lectures, staff and people needs in campus, every weekday as long as 6 hours per day.

Unit 041 Indrabuana of Student regiment

Student regiment (Menwa) established by Pangdam VII Siliwangi, at that time was lead by Colonel Kosasi on June 13th, 1959, called Batalyon Wala 59. Nowadays it is called Indonesia Student Regiment. That name is changed to Student Accustomed Duty (Walawa), selected members from ITB, UNPAD and Postel Academy. It was involved in operation fight against DI/TII in west Java.

In Riau province, first name of Student Regiment was Batalyon Yoga Bima, means Bima’s child, all the members took from UNRI foundation students which in 1962 became UNRI. Batalyon Yoga Bima is located in Korem 031/Wira Bima area.

The purpose of student regiment is for prepare the students who have discipline, knowledge, physical and mentally so they could do their duties for nation and build base-aware leadership by the main base to national education purposes.

The other main duties of UNRI Menwa is to help the implementation of nation base-aware leadership and others program implementation in university. Generally, UNRI Menwa function is as a dinamitator, it means together with other students to carried out peace and order in campus life.

As a stabilitator, means to encourage the activities implementation order and university program and other student program.

UNRI Menwa have been involved in UN peacekeeping, joined in Garuda VII contingent in 1978 to Middle East, in the name of Johanes Umar, SE (now he is a dean in economy faculty of UNRI). Joined in Menwa meeting to West Timor and involved in 14 times generation. Joined with ABRI in ABRI goes to village according to Menwa brigadier command. Involved in national Menwa activities such as national meeting, Cross Country, Official Star course and Posko rehearsal.

To create more discipline, physical and mental in every new student, UNRI Menwa took some collaboration with national and private education institutes. It even got collaboration with Indonesia Red Cross branch Riau province (PMI) in blood donor activities.

Student Cooperation

Student Cooperation (Kopma) is serve students needs in transportation, photocopy, shopping center, saving and loan sevices and photo studio unit (Afdruk Photo). It was formed after meeting on July, 8th, 1982 by grantee delegation from student and faculty. Officially formed on July, 12th, 1982 with law certificate number 924/BH/XIII. On October, 27th, 1987 it was join with Indonesia Youth Cooperation (Kopindo) with number 017001987. UNRI Kopma was on B in classification and got designation as role model cooperation in all over Riau in 1986, 1987, 1989 and 1991.

ART - Student Activities Unit (UKM)

It was implemented since UNRI Statuta was launch. As a tool for all over UNRI faculty student. The management is purpose to develop skill and interest in art. There is subs in this UKM, such as choir sub and vocal groups sub.

Art UKM is fill every art activities in UNRI, contemporer agenda in Province level all over Indonesian University and in delegate for Indonesia in abroad.


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