Selection into the national public universities remain named National Selection State Universities. From 2011 SNMPTN opened via two pathways, namely the written test and an invitation. SNMPTN invitation is open only to students whose schools receive invitations SNMPTN committee.

"The line is to accommodate students who excel constant from grade I through III, as seen from the value of their report cards," said Chairman of the Assembly of Rectors PTN Musliar Kasim, Thursday (01/06/2011) in Jakarta.

Musliar who is also rector of the University of Andalas Padang said, so far almost all state universities have reserved seats for students who excel in school, among others, known as path tracing or tracking interests and talents of seeds. However, from 2011 selection is initially performed PTN each committee will be held SNMPTN 2011.

Students are allowed to follow this path must be included in the category 25 percent of students in schools that are accredited. Students may choose two state universities everywhere and can choose each of two courses.

SNMPTN invitation SNMPTN written examination conducted ahead. Announcement of acceptance of students who qualify through this route could have been before the announcement of the national graduation exam (UN).

Previously reported, the selection of new admissions in state universities, either through national and independent pathways, implemented after the implementation of certain UN and student graduation announcements. UN for high school students / MA / SMK will be held on 18 to 21 April 2011 and follow-up exam 25 to 28 April 2011. While the graduation announcement no later than May 16, 2011.

"This decision is intended to enable students to focus more on the face of the UN," said Musliar.

Pengumuman Snmptn Jalur Undangan Unand 2011

Here's a list of students who passed the scholarship Shutter TA Mission Andalas University. 2011/2012. Download.

And with this we infokan Procedures and Flow Admission Prospective Students New Path SNMPTN Written Exam as attached to the file download below.


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