Universitas Sebelas Maret, commonly abbreviated as UNS, is a public university located in the city of Surakarta. Universities are keen to build this package provides a variety of educational diploma, undergraduate, and graduate.

Eleven universities in March stood since March 11, 1976, which was originally a combination of five universities in Surakarta. Pengabungan some college, has one major goal, namely improving the quality of higher education in Surakarta. After 5 years of consolidation, UNS prepare to begin the process of development. Development is physically started in 1980. Under the leadership of dr. Prakosa, which was originally located on the campus in some places united in a region. Sites are located in areas Kenthingan, on the banks of Solo River, with a coverage area of ​​approximately 60 acres. In this Kenthingan area, the construction of the campus's first phase ended in 1985.

Physical construction of the campus that are categorized as fast, well balanced with developments in other sectors. In 1986, Prof.. Dr. Koento Wibisono as the next president, do the laying of foundations of growth acceleration, At this time, changes have occurred, such as a pretty good development in the academic field and the number of staff, as well as in strengthening campus infrastructure.

After Prof. Haris Mudjiman, Ph.D become the next chancellor, UNS acceleration begins to move into a better direction. The spirit and commitment to make a change is needed to make progress on every side of life UNS. The effect of these changes is very impressive.

Today, UNS Solo is a young university with tremendous growth. With a variety of existing potential, such as skin surgeon with a national reputation (Faculty of Medicine), the discovery starbio and salt-resistant rice (Faculty of Agriculture), and some progress has occurred in every faculty and other work units. UNS also made a step forward in the development of information technology. With the expansion of information technology networks are larger, the Computer Center UNS UNS Solo make the incision history of the progress and development of the UNS book. Incisions other impressive history that more will occur along with the growth and development of this university.

In the age of more than three decades UNS-Solo has developed into one of the most respected universities in Indonesia. Various facilities and infrastructure available relatively complete and sufficient. Development of study programs, improving the quality of human resources and increase the participation of supporting units and agencies has also provided significant results for institutional advancement.

Success greater than outcome of all that has been evident from the increasing quality of their graduates are characterized by increasing the average grade point average (GPA), Score Efficiency Education (AEE), and graduated cum laude as well as the shortening of the study period. Therefore, UNS alumni have been much absorbed in the workforce and were spread throughout Indonesia seta began to occupy many important positions in society. In the field of research, the achievements in the event the grant competition is also increasing. Interwoven UNS-Solo cooperation by sharing institutions at home and abroad have also increased and memnerikan significant results.

All of the above certainly is not enough, for the development of UNS in the future be directed to produce world class people. Basic policies are carried out is to implement in earnest the New Paradigm for Higher Education Management, namely: quality assurance, autonomy, accountability, accreditation, and evaluation of performance on an ongoing basis. In order for the development and success of the UNS can be achieved uniformly, then as the basis for the policy direction and UNS pengembamngan implement corporate management seriously in each work unit. Thus will be interwoven in synergy and cooperation between units tepadu (cohensiveness), together increase independence (autonomy), as well as ensuring accountability and quality assurance in all areas.

To conduct a quality educational program, UNS, Solo 1571 is supported by faculty, of which 5.3% of them are great teachers, and educated strata as much as 68.2% and 13.7%-2-3-educated strata. UNS-Solo 1018 is also supported by administrative personnel quite professional. Overall mausia resources into a valuable asset to drive the organization towards the realization of the vision, mission and goals set.

Until now, UNS Solo has nine faculties and one graduate program. UNS-Solo offers 127 courses, ranging from diploma, S-1, S-2, professional programs, educational program specialist to the doctoral program. Everything is supported with adequate facilities: a certified laboratory, language laboratory with facilities Self Access Centre, and library-based managed computerise and modern information technology such as teleconferences and web-based learning. Up to half of February - July 2010: the number of students reached 25 722 people, with a total of UNS alumni have reached 111,927 alumni spread all over Indonesia and began to occupy many important positions in society.

UNS-Solo than continue trying to improve the quality of learning, as the implementation of the second and third dharma Tridharma Universities, UNS also constantly trying to improve product quality research and community service. This effort has given good results, this year UNS successfully won 40% of 209 competitive research proposals submitted. Moreover, it also won research grants / dedication of funds partnerships and cooperation with the Ministry of Education of Central Java Province. Efforts to improve the quality of research and community service continues to be done by the Institute for Community Research and Service On (LPPM). In performing its duties LPPM supported 19 Center for the Study of the subordinates.


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