Universitas Sebelas Maret Surakarta (UNS) will cross out the school is known to cheat by manipulating grades prospective new students through the Higher Education National Selection (SNMPTN) pathway invitation.

Vice Rector I UNS Ravik Karsidi, Saturday (12 / 2011) in Solo, said it was alleged one of the schools that make the manipulation of values ​​to get into college through lane SNMPTN invitation. Ravik revealed, UNS until now have not found the alleged manipulation of these values, but if there will inevitably be followed.

"The selection of candidates for admission of new students through the invitation pathway SNMPTN done with machines or computers. Thus, a sophisticated-perform sophisticated manipulation pastai value will be found out," he said.

Applicant selection of new students through the invitation in the UNS SNMPTN path has already reached more than 7,000 people and closed March 12, 2011.

"I remain optimistic that the selection of prospective new students via invitation SNMPTN pathway could reach 11,000 people because there are still a few more days," he said.

Alluding to prospective students who enroll through scholarship programs aim at mission, Ravik say, until now there are 1,200 people or increased compared to last year only 800 people. UNS in the upcoming academic year scholarship quota of 400 people shoot the mission of the Ministry of National Education.

As reported previously, the Commission IV DPRD Solo got a report allegations of manipulation of the value of a student at a public high school in Solo. Commission IV will investigate the allegedly done so that students who also heads the school children can follow the path SNMPTN invitation.

Chairman of Commission IV DPRD Solo Zaenal Arifin and member of Commission IV, Reni Ghofar Widyawati and Abdul Ismail, receives reports from different parties and different times.

"People who report to me saying, alteration done on the report card. Children with mediocre academic ability is suddenly being ranked three parallel," said Reni, Wednesday (02/03/2011).

Head of Education, Youth and Sports Solo Rakhmat Sutomo said it has commissioned a school superintendent asked for clarification to school. From reports received by the department, Deputy Chief of Field School Curriculum, Student, and teachers Guidance and Counseling (BK) school, said students did not register the program SNMPTN invitation, the students were not ranked third in the Leger (list the original value) class of X- XII, and no signs of changing values.

"However, we fielded a team to investigate," said Rakhmat.


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