State University in Yogyakarta held Socialization of University Affairs Principal sejateng and DIY. In the socialization that are inside the university include UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta, UGM, and UNY. The event was held to give understanding to the principals about the requirement SNMPTN (National Selection State University), Socialization tersbut UNY held in the Auditorium Building (31 / 1).

Socialization SNMPTN contains general provisions concerning: 1) path selection mechanism is a national law based on the agreement without the written exam achievement akedemik / ketrampilan.2) pathway invitation does not include interest and talent search lane 3) the school principal to enroll the best students are selected to be candidates for new students in college ayng country demand. In addition to the general provisions contained school requirements. Requirements of the intended school is a school that has accreditation A, B or C of the BAN-MS and / or registered on the database SNMPTN Year 2010. The Student Requirements Applicants include 1) Student SMA / SMK / MA / MAK who was sitting in class 12 and will follow the UN in 2011. 2) Students who obtain recommendations from the school principal and has the best academic achievement ranked as follows; Accreditation School A, the type of acceleration class rank of students in class 100% best, Accreditation School A, the type of school RSBI / Leading 75% best, Accreditation School A , type Regular school ranking 50% of students in the class best, Accreditation School B, rating 25% of students in the class best, Accreditation School C, rating 10% of students in the class best.


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