State University of Surabaya (Unesa) was recorded as the most seats providers to track the invitation through National Selection of Higher Education (SNMPTN) for the Local Committee Surabaya. PTN is headquartered in the region Ketintang provides 1734 seats. Followed by Ten November Institute of Technology (ITS) Surabaya with 974 seats. Furthermore, as many as 614 Madura University Tronojoyo seat and the State Islamic Institute (IAIN) Sunan Ampel Surabaya 276 seats.

"To Unair no amount of his chair because it is not open Unair new admissions through the invitation of this year," said Prof. Dr. Imam Mustofa Kes, Coordinator of Public Relations Committee of the Local SNMPTN Surabaya, Tuesday (1 / 2).

The event SNMPTN formal invitation through open starting on Tuesday (1 / 2) today. The registration process will last until March 12 next, and selection is done without the test. Participants are invited to follow the path required to get recommendations from school principals to be able to follow the selection.

"Quotas are based on school selection is set, the current principal can directly register their schools so that students can go sign up," he said

According to him, the principal is very important to actively register the school. The entire registration of conducted online within http://undangan.snmptn.ac.id. For the initial stage, the principal is required to enter a school profile and the number of class condition. This concerns the quotas given to each school is different. Depending on the status of accreditation.

"If the principal and quotas have not registered school pupils, students will not be able to enroll. The committee also did not open the correspondence and only through the website. So hope it's understandable really, "he said.

Previously setting quotas set by the accreditation status of schools. A school with accreditation that has accelerated classes are allowed to register 100 percent of their students. A status for accreditation with the International Standard School Stubs (RSBI) are allowed to register 75 percent of their students. As for the school with a regular accreditation, allowed to enroll 50 percent of their students. For schools with accreditation B, allowed to enroll 25 percent of their students.

"Even through the invitations, the selection process will still be performed. So the opportunity for students from different schools accredited status will be the same, "he said.

Once students enroll, students will obtain a PIN which then proceed to pay the registration fee at Bank Mandiri. Registration fee of Rp 175,000. For those who are not able to enter the category and prospective students who receive scholarships aim at the mission shall be exempt from the registration fee. "The announcement will be made on May 18 and re-registration be done on May 31 and June 1 in conjunction with the selection through a test track," he said.


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