A total of 281 people allegedly received as a prospective new student State University of Semarang (Unnes) through the National Selection colleges (SNMPTN) Track Invite, not present when the report itself. Activities that aim to confirm themselves as prospective students was held in the auditorium Unnes campus have now, on Tuesday (31 / 5) and Wednesday (1 / 6).

The first day of activities to report followed 1584 people who received the four faculties, the Faculty of Education (FIP), Faculty of Languages ​​and Arts (FBS), Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (Natural Sciences), and Faculty of Law (FH). "The four faculty acceptable for 1865. Of that amount, which is not present 281 people, "said Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (PR I) Agus Wahyudin.

Against those who are not present, continued PR I, they automatically cancel themselves as prospective students. "Yes, they are as accepted as prospective freshmen Unnes but did not report themselves within their schedule listed on registrasi.unnes.ac.id means to resign."

Activities will continue to report on Wednesday (1 / 6) tomorrow which will be followed by those who received the other four faculties, namely Faculty of Social Sciences (FIS), Faculty of Sport Sciences (FIK), Faculty of Engineering (FT), and Faculty of Economics (FE ). Total of those who received an invitation through lane SNMPTN 3495 people.

"Welcome to the university conservation. May the warmth will you get at this university, "said Rector Prof. Sudijono Sastroatmodjo when delivering his speech.


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