The rally of hundreds of students at the University Pattimura (Unpatti) Ambon in protest against the National Selection of Higher Education (SNMPTN) ending clash.

The clashes started by student actions that damage the building facility registration pelted the building with glass stones and other objects. In fact, when it was last re-registration of new students who qualify SNMPTN.

Campus security officers were trying to catch students who did destruction. But fierce protests by other students. Because the number of students more, officers can not do more.

As a result of the protests that took place in Unpatti, Ambon, on Monday (04/07/2011), making the students who were re-register a panic and fled.

Previously, students staged at the Rectorate Building. According to them, results in Unpatti SNMPTN unbalanced and full of manipulation. Students are urged to review the results of the Rectorate of selection into Unpatti and demanded the balance on campus, both students, staff, and lecturers.

In addition, students also urged the Chancellor to form Student Executive Board (BEM) Unpatti which has been promised since two years ago. As a result of this unrest, re-registration of new students on campus Unpatti discontinued.

Unpatti Rector, Prof. HB Tetelepa states, the implementation takes place SNMPTN Unpatti pure without any engineering from the Unpatti. "Graduates also determined the team and the Minister of National Education (Education Minister)," he said.


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