Quota seats new community college students through the Higher Education National Selection (SNMPTN) written examination and an invitation to reach 60 percent. Quotas in SNMPTN written test remains more than an invitation.
This agreement applies to the PTN.
- Musliar Eunuch

"This agreement applies to state universities," said Chairman of the Council of Rectors PTN Musliar Kasim, Thursday (01/06/2011) in Jakarta.

There are 60 state universities under the Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs Ministry who took part in SNMPTN this year. Trials conducted independent pathways PTN respectively SNMPTN agreement executed after the announcement. It is estimated that independent path was opened in early July 2011.

Rochmat Wahab, Rector of State University of Yogyakarta, rate selection is carried out nationally this year are even more efficient, both for society and the university.

"We are ready to implement the national selection. PTN party also wants to support students so he could concentrate more on high school before completing the study. The new focus will search for PTN. This will reduce the burden on students, "said Rochmat.

According to him, from about 6,000 seats in UNY, 20 percent is allocated for the invitation and 40 percent SNMPTN SNMPTN pass a written test. Allocations agreed to SNMPTN invitations at least 10 percent and a written test at least 20 percent.

Reported previously, the selection of national PTN remained named SNMPTN. From 2011 SNMPTN opened via two pathways, namely the written test and an invitation.

SNMPTN The invitation is open only to students whose schools receive invitations SNMPTN committee. Selection ensured implemented after the implementation of national examinations (UN) and student graduation announcements. UN for high school students / MA / SMK will be held on 18 to 21 April 2011 and follow-up exam 25 to 28 April 2011. While the graduation announcement no later than May 16, 2011.


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