Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) or Indonesia University of Education is one of the oldest universities in Indonesia. It was founded under the name of Perguruan Tinggi Pendidikan Guru (PTPG) or Teachers Education College on October 24, 1954 based on the Decree of Minister of Education, Pedagogy, and Culture No. 38742/Kab. dated September 1, 1954. It was then revised by the Decree No. 40719/s dated July 6, 1956 indicating the establishment of three PTPGs in three areas in Indonesia, i.e., PTPG Batusangkar (West Sumatera), PTPG Malang (East Java), and PTPG Bandung (West Java).

Education at the University of Indonesia (UPI) as much as 140 participants SNMPTN invitation does not carry out the registration line and considered to have resigned.

UPI Suwatno Head of Public Relations said, the quota is not filled by the participants who had received an invitation in the path will be diverted into the path SNMPTN written. This year 643 participants UPI receive regular invitations pathways as well as 419 invited participants viewfinder program mission.

Of this amount, said Suwatno, which carry out the registration on May 31 to June 1 and as many as 532 participants and 390 participants regular line program mission viewfinder. "Participants who do not regularly attend as many as 111 participants, while the program's mission viewfinder that is not present as many as 29 people. Total 140 participants," he said.

Admission Procedures for International Students

International student candidates considering UPI as their preferred study destination must meet both academic and administrative requirements. All applications must be supported by the following documents.

1. A curriculum vitae detailing the applicant's educational background.
2. Two certified copies of educational certificate and academic transcripts,
3. A letter indicating the applicant's financial support for (a) the cost of return travel to the applicant's home country, (b) living expenses' during the period of study, (c) tuition and amenities fees for the period of study, The certified copy of applicant's passport. The passport must be valid and current for the period of study in Indonesia,
4. The statement that the applicant will abide by the rules and regulations of the Indonesian government,
5. The statement that the applicant will not undertake any paid employment during the period of study in Indonesia,
6. Two copies of a recent passport-size photographs;
7. The health certificate issued by a qualified medical practitioner stating that the applicant is in good health and is considered fit to reside in a tropical country

All applications must be submitted directly to Rector of Indonesia University of Education, JI. Dr. Setiabudhi 229 Bandung 40154 Indonesia. Upon the receipt of letter of Acceptance, applicants must contact the Indonesia Diplomatic Representative in their respective home countries to obtain an international student visa. International students who wish to apply for postgraduate courses should directly send their application to Director of School of Postgraduate Studies Indonesia University of Education JI. Dr. Setiabudhi 229 Bandung 40154 Indonesia.


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