SNMPTN line written examination, May 31 and June 1, 2011, provides approximately 106,000 seats. For students who qualify for an invitation lines, must re-register on the same day as the execution of a written test. "They can still choose. If you change your mind would choose another course, they can still take a written test, "said Herrick.

Data committee, the number of applicants is most UGM (34 924 persons), UI (32 371), Unpad (27 296), Undip (23 014), UB (21 562), University of Education Indonesia (19 260), State University of Yogyakarta (19 254), IPB (17 205), State University of Surabaya (16,655), and the State University of Semarang (16 268).

Pathway invitation for registration process via the internet it is a national selection mechanism based on academic achievement crawl without the written or skills test.

That's different from tracing pathways of interest and talent. Schools enrolling students best served to follow the selection process.

Unlike the previous achievement path, the path invitations allow applicants to choose a maximum of two public university with three courses in each PTN.

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