Results graduation Higher Education National Selection (SNMPTN) 2011 written examination have been announced last night, Wednesday (06/29) via the official website or through the website SNMPTN http://www.snmptn.ac.id Unpad http://www. unpad.ac.id for those who choose the study program (Prodi) in Unpad. From the results of this selection, a total of 3873 participants passed the selection into Unpad, spread in 41 of 16 faculty Prodi. A total of 1707 of them are in groups of science courses, and 2166 of the IPS.
Head of Public Relations Unit Unpad, Weny Widyowati, S. Sos., M.Sc., revealed that the presence Unpad invite parents prospective students on Tuesday (5 / 07) coming on the faculty at each campus Unpad Jatinangor. In this event, parents prospective students will get the information and explanations about the campus governance Unpad registration. Especially for Faculty of Economics (FE) and the Faculty of Law (FH), the event will be held at Bale Santika, Unpad Jatinangor campus.

"If parents can not come, there should be a representative to be able to listen to information about registration Unpad and explanation of the mechanism," said Weny when met in his office, campus Unpad Jln. Dipati Measure No.35 Bandung, Thursday (30/06).

Then, the participants who pass the selection are required to implement SNMPTN new student registration. Registration is done in several stages. First, prospective students must complete biographical data on the site Unpad http://www.unpad.ac.id begin next July 6, 2011. Furthermore, prospective students must pay tuition fees in a number of banks that have been designated Unpad, namely CIMB Niaga, BRI, Mandiri, BNI, BTN, and BJB, by showing the number of bill payments that can be downloaded after completing biodata prospective freshmen.

"Payment can be made on the 11th until July 17, 2011, by showing the bill number. Education costs a minimum of Rp 6 million, with details of the Cost of Education Organization (BPP) of Rp 2 million and the Fund Development (DP) of Rp 4 million, "explained Weny. He also appealed to the parents of prospective students to participate in the "Development Sauyunan", to assist prospective students in need.

Furthermore, prospective students are required to carry out administrative registration at Santika Hall, the campus Unpad Jatinangor accordance with the schedule of each faculty. Schedule and registration requirements can be obtained by prospective students log in using the number on the page http://pengumuman.unpad.ac.id SNMPTN participants. For prospective students who do not register by the deadline specified, so he declared to resign.

On the occasion, Weny also revealed that starting today until Saturday (2 / 07) next Local Committee Bandung SNMPTN ready to serve those who need information or need assistance related SNMPTN. These Bandung Panlok services performed in the office of Public Relations Unpad, Jln Dipati Measure Bandung, at 8:30 to 16:00 pm. "The team Panlok Bandung ready to serve for those who need help, such as the participant who lost SNMPTN card, forgot to save the data card, and so forth," said Weny.

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