At least 1681 participants Higher Education National Selection (SNMPTN) SNMPTN Central Committee announced on Thursday (30 / 6), successfully received at UIN Jakarta. They were received in 46 courses (Prodi) spread across nine faculties.

Similarly, a press release received PR NEWS UIN UIN Jakarta Online, Friday (1 / 7). SNMPTN path selection followed 54 public universities (PTN) is carried out nationally on May 31 through June 1, 2011. Based on data from the Central Committee SNMPTN, from 540 953 participants who followed the written exam / skills, participants who pass the selection as many as 118,233 people including those received in UIN Jakarta. This amount consists of a group of science as much as 56,856 people and as many as 61,377 people IPS group.

The press release also mentions, of the total participants who received at UIN Jakarta, as many as 120 people received the Prodi Psychology Faculty of Psychology. This amount is the highest quota of 46 study program offered through the SNMPTN. Others received the highest quota in Prodi Prodi Public Health and Pharmacy in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences respectively as many as 100 people. While the lowest quota in Prodi Islamic Guidance and Counselling Faculty of Da'wa and Communication Sciences as many as three people.

Meanwhile, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Prof Dr Mohammad Matsna HS states, participants who successfully received through path SNMPTN obliged to re-list in Section Academic began 9 to 22 August 2011. Participants who did not re-register within the specified time is considered a resignation. Addition of new students are also required to follow the activities Introduction Studies Program and the alma mater (Propesa) at 90-10 on the campus of UIN Jakarta.

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