Applicant (buyer PIN) written test path selection into the national public universities (SNMPTN) 2011 at three public universities in the region of Malang, East Java, exceeding the target or reach 23,300 people.

According to the Head of Academic Administration and Student Affairs (BAAK) UB (UB) Malang Welmin Ariningsih Quiet, Wednesday (25/05/2011), the buyer PIN consists of registrant as many as 9004 people groups IPA, IPS as many as 9113 people and as many as 5137 people IPC group.

"From the number of applicants who have not signed up to be 'online' or using a PIN reach 1,000 more and the number of applicants is likely also continue to grow, as new registrations closed today at 24.00 pm," he added.

The number of registrants or buyers that exceeds the capacity of the PIN is also influential on the exam room that has now been depleted, so that it coordinates back to the State University of Malang (UM) and additional related Maliki UIN room.

He said the place (location) SNMPTN written test is set up and divided, ie for groups on campus UIN Maliki science, social studies at the UB group and IPC group in the UM campus.

SMNPTN written test on the first day (Tuesday, 31/05/2011) is a test of academic potential and test the basic subject areas. While the second day (Wednesday, 1 / 6) is a test field of science studies and social studies, carried out simultaneous announcement on June 30, 2011.

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