National Selection of Higher Education (SNMPTN) at the University of Nusa Cendana (UNDANA) constrained in the bank. Bank Mandiri, which is designated as a bank to make payment for registration is very limited in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT).

This condition leads to three days before the closing of registration number of prospective students who enroll only reached 2530 people. This information is presented Chief Administrative Bureau of Planning and Academic Affairs Information System (BAAKPSI) UNDANA, Drs. David UZ Kamuri, M. Si, Head of Public Relations through UNDANA, Sir David, S. Sos, to the Pos Kupang, Saturday (21/05/2011).

According to him, UNDANA SNMPTN registration is opened on May 2 to 21 2011 at 13:00 pm. The number of prospective students who enroll as many as 2530 people with the details, the Natural Sciences (IPA) as many as 759 people, Social Sciences (IPS) as many as 751 people and Mixture Sciences (IPC) as many as 1020 people.

Prospective students who already purchased a PIN in Bank Mandiri as many as 3573 people, a group of IPA as many as 1104 people, the IPS as many as 1042 people and the IPC as many as 1427 people. Meanwhile, until the registration deadline date of May 24, 2011 and the closing date of May 25, 2011.

When compared with the previous year, three days before the closing of registration usually participants who have signed up already reached the 5000's.

According to him, the lack of applicants who chose this UNDANA with various constraints. Namely, the unavailability of Bank Mandiri throughout the area in NTT. In NTT, there are six new Bank Mandiri, two in Kupang and one each in the district of Ende, Sikka and Manggarai.

Bank Mandiri shortage is affecting the participants. They must come to Kupang and in some districts of Bank Mandiri to pay and register online. Nearly 80 percent of the participants to pay in cash at the counter of Bank Mandiri.

Acceptance of new students UNDANA done through the Exam Write SNMPTN and pathways PMDK, lane PGSD, line extensions and transfer lines.

Admissions Test Track Write

1) Entrance Examination System of Higher Education admission is a selection into an organized system of PTN

2) Admission Requirements Prospective Students Write Exams

a) Graduates SMTA last three years

b) No defect that interferes with the smooth body of studies in Higher Education

c) permission WNA Director General of Higher Education

d) Pay the entrance examination

e) Pass the exam psychology

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