Some local organizing committee (panlok) National Selection Students Higher Education (SNMPTN) of 2011 gathered at the Ramada Bintang Hotel, Kuta, Bali, 27-29 July 2011, to discuss the implementation of activities that just ended last June.

The discussion included the implementation of the field of Public Relation, Information and Technology (IT), and Finance SNMPTN 2011 from all panlok in Indonesia. Specialized in the field of PR, divided into three groups, namely Coordinator Region I, II, and II combined with the IV.

In the field of Public Relation Committee to develop recommendations for the implementation of the Central SNMPTN SNMPTN delivered early so that is not contiguous with the implementation SNMPTN. Another proposal is the IT constraints facing some regions, especially in Eastern Indonesia, such as the Moluccas, and Papua and Kalimantan.

The meeting participants also hoped that the PR field partner banks next SNMPTN can also partnered with several other banks that have access to the counties, districts and even villages.

Regarding the issue of IT utilization, meeting participants also suggested that implementation of the registration can be considered off-line (manual), especially in remote areas.

"As in the Moluccas, a new internet enjoyed the people in the city of Ambon and Tual alone," said Josep Pagaya from Ambon Pattimura University.

Evaluation of the Implementation Meeting 2011 SNMPTN three areas was carried out in parallel and plenary session ended Wednesday night. Field of Public Relation Affairs Coordinator chaired Sunarpi Prof. Dr. (Rector Unram), Financial Coordinator Prof. Wahab Rochmat (Rector UNY), and Coordinator of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Tri Prof. Yogi (Rector of ITS). Thursday, participants will carry out recreation in Bali.

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