A total of 2914 students have enrolled at State University of Manado. All prospective students are from the path of Higher Education National Selection (SNMPTN), and two waves in Baku backing track Pande (B2P).

PR UNIMA, Arianto Lasut said, this figure is the number of temporary, because the UNIMA still open opportunities to prospective students from coastal areas. He said, the number of students enrolling is not yet represent a number of students who will be accepted.

"2914 prospective students have to follow the selection carried out in several stages. The possibility of the total number of applicants will be reduced by half when the test selection," he said.

Lasut added, the number of applicants with nearly 3,000 people showed UNIMA very interested prospective students. According to him, this amounts to a substantial increase over the previous year. According to him, the total increase in the number of applicants reaches around 30 percent.

"We do not yet know the number of students who will be accepted, because they have to wait for completing all phases of the selection is completed. But certainly the number of students this year have increased. In fact, most of the faculty was full and could not add new students anymore," he said.

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