Implementation exam SNMPTN 2011 in University of Medan (Unimed) runs smoothly as the day before. Although the data is written not out of any location but the monitoring committee stating exam test runs safely under control.

As stated by Chairman of Socialization SNMPTN Unimed 2011, Nasrun Nasution in a press conference at the Rectorate Building Unimed, Wednesday (01/06/2011). Nasrun stated there has been no finding and something disruption during implementation of the exam.

"Broadly speaking uncontrollably like yesterday, though no official data confirmed it. But as far as our view of all as expected," he explained.

Accompanied by Vice Rector II Unimed, Chairul Azmi explained some of the participants who did not attend. With accurate data comparison is not particularly striking when compared with last year.

The number of participants who did not attend, said as many as 486 people Chairul. But it can still be understandable, maybe they have an urgent need, and so forth. Or perhaps exceeded the amount that was due to an error of hundreds of prospective students when enrolling in the bank.

"It could be one of the participants when determining the majors, then they are forced to buy back the registration form. This is probably due to the lack prospective students," he added.

Mentioned about the data on the second test day, Chairul explained that they have to wait for the official report of the committee that mengawas in some locations. According to the data most quickly finished up the evening.

"A lot of that must be recorded, so we do not yet know the exam results today. Perhaps the most fast tonight," he said.


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