A total of 118,233 participants Higher Education National Selection (SNMPTN) 2011 passed and the right college in the 60 best public universities in the country. Announcement of results of written examination SNMPTN pathways and these skills can be viewed by accessing the website http://www.snmptn.ac.id participants on Wednesday (29 / 6) evening, starting at 19:00.

In addition, the announcement of selection results distributed via print media tomorrow, Thursday, June 30, 2011. Similarly, National Selection Committee announced State Universities 2011.

"Total applicants who are admitted as many as 112,233 people. The details are 56,856 student examinees IPA groups and groups of IPS 61 377 students," said Committee Chairman SNMPTN 2011 Herry Suhardiyanto in a press conference at the Ministry of National Education Building D, 3rd Floor, Jalan Sudirman, South Jakarta, Tuesday (28 / 6).

The number of those who graduated only about one-fifth of the total participants the selection of this year 540,953. Actual capacity of the 30 public universities throughout Indonesia as many as 119,041 seats not completely filled. There are still 808 empty seats. But it's less, because last year recorded 4173 empty seats.

"So this year, the participants might prefer SNMPTN already Prodi (study program) which according to them," said Director General of Higher Education (Higher Education) Djoko Santoso.

Chairman SNMPTN 2011 Herry Suhardiyanto guarantee 808 empty seats will not be sold to anyone.

"For those who do not welcome us hope so do not be discouraged because it is still
many other alternatives to college, "said Herry Suhardiyanto, who is also Rector of Bogor Agriculture Institute (IPB).

He explains, one alternative is the Joint College Entrance Examination (UMB-PT) 2011. Chairs are provided 12 public universities in the UMB-PT is 10 328.

Committee Chairman UMB-PT Asman Boedisantoso said 12 public universities (PTN) is UNSYIAH, Malikussaleh University, University of North Sumatra, Riau University, Edinburgh University, State University of Jakarta, Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University Jakarta, UnSoed, State University of Semarang, Diponegoro University, University of Palangkaraya, and UIN Alauddin Makassar. A total of 476 courses of study options.

In addition, eight private colleges (PTS) participated in the UMB-PT, namely the Islamic University of North Sumatra (UISU), University of Yarsi, Bakrie University, National University (Unas), Pancasila University, University of Trisakti (Usakti), University Widyatama, and the Islamic University of Sultan Agung, Semarang.

Registration is open until 7 July, while the exam was held July 9.
Do not know yet

Rector of State Islamic University of Sultan Sharif Kasim (UIN Suska) Nazir Karim already know the number of prospective new students are accepted on campus, which is 1702 people.

He explained, but can be accessed through the website http://www.snmptn.ac.id, it also plans to announce the selection of prospective students who pass the local print media on Thursday, June 30, 2011.

While Rector of the University of Riau (UR) as confirmed Ashaluddin MS Jalil yesterday afternoon claimed not to know how many new students are accepted on campus. "We do not know how many are graduating," he said.

UB's most
Chairman SNMPTN 2011 Herry Suhardiyanto explained, of the 112,233 participants who pass the selection of lines written examination / skill, there are scholarship recipients Mission Shoot as many as 2919 people.

This year the number of colleges are listed in SNMPTN there are 60 universities. Three universities in Java recorded the most widely accepted prospective students from SNMPTN pathway. UB (UB) Malang received a total of 5828 people, followed by the University of Gajah Mada (UGM) in Yogyakarta with 5224 people and Diponegoro University (Undip) Semarang who received 4,100 people.

While the University of Papua and IAIN Sunan Ampel recorded at least absorb the prospective students, respectively 263 and 358 people.
In the meantime, to track the invitations, as many as 46,706 participants SNMPTN 2011 passed the selection. Invitation path selection using the learner achievement during high school (SMA) of the value of report cards and the National Examination (UN).

Based on the recapitulation of pathways SNMPTN invitation, five public universities receiving the most participants still exist in Java. Again UB (UB) Malang in the top spot, receiving as many as 4370 participants, followed by the State University of Semarang (3495 participants), Bogor Agricultural University (2514 participants), University of Indonesia (2327 participants), Institut Teknologi Bandung (1979).

Prospective participants are invited to apply path selection as participants of the most widely Shutter mission came from the area, East Java (14,607 persons), West Java (11 660), Central Java (10 460), West Sumatra (4118), Jakarta (2677), Sumatra North (2510), Texas (2418), DIY (2311), South Sulawesi (1831), and Lampung (1619).


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