Head of Public Relations Unsyiah, Drs A MSi Abdi Wahab, said the number of participants in 2011 in SNMPTN UNSYIAH (Unsyiah) Banda Aceh as many as 13,079 people.

Of that amount, which does not take the test as many as 481 people.

That number, call Wahab Abdi, consisting of 108 people IPA group participants, group IPS 95 people, and the IPC as many as 278 people.

"Of the 13,079 people who register at Unsyiah, as many as 12 598 pesserta're done take the test over two days of May 31 until June 1, 2011. Meanwhile, 481 people did not attend, "said Wahab Abdi, Wednesday (06/01/2011).

Banda Aceh's Local Organizing Committee is pleased to announce the names of participants SNMPTN 2011 Write Track Trials who passed the selection on UNSYIAH tends to be as attached.

announcement as a pdf.


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