University of Papua (UNIPA) was established by Decree of President of Republic of Indonesia No. 153 years old in 2000, dated November 3, 2000. UNIPA represents the development of the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Cenderawasih. UNIPA inaugurated on Saturday, dated July 28, 2001 by the Director General of Higher Education on behalf of the Minister of National Education. UNIPA development through three periods, namely UNCEN FPPK period (1964-1982), UNCEN FAPERTA period (1982-2000), and UNIPA period (2000-2012).

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UNIPA through the stages of development (1) institutional and organizational arrangements (2000-2003), (2) the arrangement of courses and majors (2001-2004), (3) strengthening the institutional and program of study (2005), (4) development of physical infrastructure (2006), (5) strengthening physical infrastructure development plan (2007-2010), (6) independence UNIPA (2012).
UNIPA development begins with the formation and establishment of the University Senate membership. University Senate subsequently carry out a review and compilation of basic rules of the University, namely determination of the Organization and Work Procedure and the Statute on 27 April 2001, the filing of the proposal opening faculty, majors and courses of study on May 1, 2001, setting UNIPA logo on July 15, 2001 .

Inauguration UNIPA conducted by the Director General of Higher Education on behalf of the Minister of National Education on 28 July 2001.
On May 15, 2002, the issuance Kepmendiknas Number 111/O/2002, concerning Organization and Work UNIPA. Based on the OTK is then carried out the preparation of institutional establishment at the faculty level. The inauguration of the deans of faculty and the inauguration took place on 27 November 2002. Permit the opening of majors and courses implemented in stages starting in 2001.

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