The history of the founding of the University of Pattimura began when several community leaders took the initiative to establish a Higher Education institution in the Moluccas which was started by an educational leader, Dr.. J. B. Sitanala (deceased). Dr. J. B. Sitanala is a doctor, an instrumental figure in the Moluccas in the areas of society in urnumnya and education in particular. Initiatives taken to realize the aspirations of the people who participated in the development of the Nation, especially in the field of Higher Education and Development of Science. To realize the lofty ideals that formed a Foundation of Higher Education Maluku West Papua on 20 July 1955, which is chaired by Mr. Cornelis Loppies.

On October 3, 1956 The Foundation was successful in establishing the Faculty of Law, which was then set as the date of birth Pattimura University. The next row of Social and Political Faculty founded on October 6, 1959, and dated 10 September 1961 opened the Faculty of Teacher Training and Science Education.

On August 1, 1962 Foundation of Higher Education Maluku West Irian into the State University was inaugurated by the Minister of PTIP Decree No. 99 of 1962 dated August 8, 1962 covering the five Faculties: - Faculty of Law
- Faculty of Teacher Training and Education
- Faculty of Social and Political
- Faculty of Agriculture, Forestry
- Faculty of Animal Husbandry

Then by Presidential Decree No. 66 of 1963, dated 23 April 1963 endorsed the establishment of the University in Ambon and named Pattimura University. University is led by a presidium consisting of:
• Soemitro Hamidjoyo, SH (Chairman)
• Colonel Boesiri (Member)
• Drs. Soehardjo (Member)
• Dr. M. Haulussy (Member)

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Then on September 15, 1965 Faculty of Economics and opened on 16 April 1970 opened the Faculty of Engineering buildings that utilize the former Faculty of Technology project Ambon (FTA). In August 1964 the Faculty of Teacher Training and Science Education switch status to IKIP Jakarta Branch Rector Ambon with Drs. F.F.H. Matruty. Then on 16 September 1969 IKIP Jakarta Branch Ambon reintegrated into the University of Pattimura into two faculties namely Faculty of Science Faculty of Teacher Training and Education. In 1974 the Faculty of animal husbandry department is equipped with Fisheries and simultaneously changed its name to the Faculty of Animal Husbandry / Fisheries.

By Presidential Decree No. 40 / M Year 1971, Ir. L. Nanlohy (Dean of Faculty of Engineering) established as the first Rector of the University of Pattimura. Then with Presidential Decree Number 69 / M Year 1976, MR Lestaluhu, SH Unpatti appointed as Rector of the second, the next with Presidential Decree Number 43 / M of 1981 he set out for a second term. After that, with Presidential Decree Number 89 / M of 1985 DR. Ir. J. Ch. Lawalatta, M.Sc. defined as the Rector of the University Pattimura. As Rector of the following: Prof.. DR. Ir. J. L. Nanere, M.Sc. established by Presidential Decree No. 247 / M Year 1989. Furthermore, with Presidential Decree Number 207 / M of 1994 established DR. M. Pattimura Huliselan as Rector of the University, Prof. further. DR. H.B. Tetelepta, MPd since 2004 until now been appointed as rector Unpatti.

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