Starting the academic year 2011, new admissions University of Riau, open lines of invitations. This meant new admissions selection process based on academic achievement in school crawl home. "The students can directly consult with their respective schools to sign up for the desired public universities through this pathway," said Provost 1 University of Riau, Prof. Dr. Aras Mulyadi, Wednesday (2 / 2).

Based on the results of the Rector Assembly meeting held in Jakarta and Permendiknas No. 34 of 2010, it was explained that there are changes in the national selection of new students Indonesia State Universities namely through two pathways. The first path which we are familiar with the National Student Selection of Higher Education (SNMPTN) plus a new track by invitation based on academic achievement of students. "Second line registration is done online, through www.snmptn.ac.id," he added.

In addition Aras also said, all the terms and conditions on the website. "Payment of the registration form can through all branches of Bank Mandiri," he continued.

When registration opens February 1, 2011 through March 12, 2011 and will be announced on May 18, 2011. "If they have passed the selection invitation but did not pass the national exam, then declared killed," he said.

But when prospective freshmen otherwise not qualify for the selection of invitations, can also apply through an independent selection lines. "At the University of Riau there are four paths of selection of new admissions," he continued.

Two national selection lines and two independent selection lines. Two independent channels that can be taken namely, the Regional Superior Seedlings search path (PBUD) and independent examination. PBUD 30 percent of students drawn from the best. In class. "It can directly enroll in www.pbud.unri.ac.id," he described.

While the selection of independent tests by the University of Riau. Of the total revenue quota of about 6400 new students UNRI, Aras said netted 60 percent of the national selection, and 40 percent of self-examination.


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