University admission quotas Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa (Untirta), Attack, this year decreased compared to 2010. The decline occurred because Untirta quota admissions in 2011 either through SNMPTN, PMDK, as well as student self-exam (UMM) accommodate only 2400 students for 24 majors in six colleges.
"Whereas in 2010 the quota admission Untirta reached three thousand students," said Head of Public Relations Services in Attacking Untirta Boyke, Friday (21/01/2011).

According to him, new admissions in 2011 decreased due to the local capacity of classrooms, capacity and number of lecturers. He said he welcomed the differences in the pattern of new admissions in 2011 compared to 2010, ie there is rationing of 60 percent of revenues through invitation or PMDK SNMPTN and nationally, as well as the 40 percent quota for independent examination and local PMDK.

In addition, said Boyke, admissions difference this year is more than putting SNMPTN independent student exams (UMM).

"Since two years ago, independent tests carried out after SNMPTN Untirta," said Boyke.

As for this year's allotment Untirta provide 20 percent or 480 seats for poor students scholarships from the total number of new admissions plan of 2011 as many as 2,400 people.

"If the scholarship program be reduced by Aim of Mission of the Ministry of National Education of about 100 students, then the pure scholarship which must be borne Untirta as many as 380 people," he said.

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