A total of 912 prospective students of Faculty of Sport Sciences, State University of Jakarta (FIK UNJ) skills exams, Friday (03/06/2011). Keterampilam exam is for students who choose courses of study (Prodi) skills, such as sports, fine arts, music, dance, and sendratasik.

Dean of the Faculty of Sport Sciences UNJ Dr. Bambang Sujiono to Kompas.com said, recent data on the number of national registries FIK UNJ reached 912 people. The test participants were divided into 46 groups.

"They come from different regions and from out of town. In UNJ own conduct skills tests only sports and arts," said Bambang on Campus C UNJ, Friday (06/03/2011), East Jakarta.

Exam skills for sports, Bambang, the test consists of two stages, namely health and physical fitness tests (TKJI). The test results will be combined with the value of the test theory.

"Only after that can be known, prospective students can be netted or not," he said.

Skills test will take place over two days, Friday-Saturday (3-4 June 2011). Any participant who has been grouped to be tested in turn, starting with the health of the test color, weight, posture, and examination performed by team physicians. As for TKJI include running 1,000 meters, 1,200 meters, sit ups, push ups and so on.

"Once that is completed and accepted, participants are required to bring the X-rays due to exercise an important outcome of the investigation," said Bambang.

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