Recorded 5367 candidates competing for 2009 freshman seats in the University of Udayana (Udayana) via the National Selection of Higher Education (SNMPTN) 2011 which was held on Tuesday (31 / 5) yesterday. Of the 5312 people, as many as 2497 people choose the path of science, the IPS 1598 and 1272 the IPC path. On the first day of the SNMPTN, registered 230 participants did not attend. Each for as many as 80 people majoring in science, social studies and IPC 74 people 76 people.

Prospective students Unud take the test over two days spread over 266 units prepared the room, either on campus or campus Udayana University Jimbaran Bukit Unud Sudirman with supervisors supervised about 462 people. Each room contains a selection of 20 participants and two supervisors team.

Pengumuman Snmptn Tulis Unud 2011

Announced to prospective new students of Udayana University, academic year 2011/2012 received through National Selection of Higher Education (SNMPTN) Track Exam Write Denpasar Local Organizing Committee (63) in 2011 to register with the following conditions:

Announcement of Selection Result Exam SNMPTN Write In 2011, more details can be viewed by clicking the link below:

1. Selection Exam Results SNMPTN Write stated Graduated at the University of Udayana
2. Selection Exam Results SNMPTN Write the Following Tests in Denpasar Panlok

On the first day of the test tested academic potential and test the basic subject areas include math, Indonesian and English. While the second day subjects were tested IPA and IPS. SNMPTN release candidate is still done through the center.

Udayana University Rector Prof.. Dr. dr. I Made Bakta said, Unud need about 3385 new students to fill the seats in 12 faculties. Of these, 2009 people or the equivalent of 60 percent is taken from SNMPTN, and 1336 (40 percent) through the PMDK. Based on the data capacity of the Udayana University in 2011, from 2009 the total number of prospective students SNMPTN lane, 211 people already can certainly get away with an invitation pathway system.

Participants Blind

Despite its physical limitations do not necessarily dampen the struggle of two candidates for the visually impaired student participants SNMPTN 2011. Both of these students graduated from the State SMALB A Dria Raba namely Denpasar Dhyana Agus Dwi Putra Atmaja and Yuda Officer.

They are listed in the list of participants in the IPS group test. Their choice is to continue to the State University of Surabaya Special Education.

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