Maritime Raja Ali Haji University just follow SNMPTN 2012. Maritime Raja Ali Haji University is one of the youngest university in this country who have Strategic Value for Region where he was housed, the Riau Islands Province. Not just for themselves but also the Riau Islands of Indonesia. Because the campus is located on the front lines of this country, dealing directly with Malaysia and Singapore with locations geographically close to each other since the time of the kingdom of Riau-phallus.

Umrah established in 2007 under the legal umbrella of Ministry of Education Decree No. 124/D/O/2007 in Tanjungpinang, capital city of Riau Islands Province. In Its growth, Umrah which has now passed into the first public university based on the Riau Islands Presidential Decree No. 53 of 2011 it aspires to grow and continue to evolve in producing graduates who are noble, in the field of Maritime Entrepreneurial minded, which is the main potential Riau Islands and Indonesia also this.

This is a unique selling point compared to other universities Umrah. But Being a leading university in the maritime field is the biggest challenge in the midst of Umra in such great competition in this shoreline, but with consistency Umrah The entire academic community and the support of World Business Community and the challenge can be passed naturally by the Coastal Campus is to tread the long road to the University Classroom the world.

Maritime University said the university is attached to symbolize Umrah have a great responsibility in science to advance the country's maritime world. The name of Raja Ali Haji who also girded Umrah cultured aims to perpetuate the spirit of the hero Raja Ali Haji Language.

Umrah on his way for 4 this year continue to strive to make achievements in the field of research, and community service. Various fabric of cooperation conducted by the UI, UR, UB, ITB, IPB, and also with universities in neighboring countries such as UTM, UM, and UPSI.

A Brief History

Raja Ali Haji Maritime University was founded on the desire of all citizens of the Province of Riau Islands to have State Universities that will be the place of young men and women of this Earth segantang pepper obtain higher education and forged into leaders, entrepreneurs, and people who are useful for the Riau Islands in the future.

After going through a long series of processes starting from the minister issued Decree No. 124/D/O/2007 about Umrah establishment permit until the issuance of Presidential Decree No.. 53 Year 2011 on the establishment of colleges Umrah as servants in the Environment Ministry of National Education who is now back to the name of the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Umrah resmilah its status as a State university in the border region of Indonesia.

Umrah early establishment of an amalgamation of STISIPOL Raja Haji and Batam Polytechnic, added some new courses. Then STISIPOL Raja Haji and Batam Polytechnic Decided to stand back as the PT independently. 9 Studies Program at the beginning of the founding strata One in five Fakultas.UMRAH also has a Research and Community Service (LPPM) as a container to manage research activities and community service.


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