Prospective students of State University of the Pacific Islands received the National Selection State Universities were given the opportunity for re-registration until August 5, 2011. Until now about 50 percent of prospective students who re-register.

Head disclosed BAAK UBB Rev. CP to bangkapos.com, Tuesday (08/02/2011) says that the current registration process is ongoing. Registration conducted at UBB rector at Jalan Merdeka Pangkalpinang.

"We're open from September 1 to August 5. For five days we are given the opportunity, whether received in writing SNMPTN," said Rev.

UBB alone there are 464 students selected in the selection. "They have to show proof of graduation, proof of payment and self-identity," he said.

More clearly Revelation sduah about 200 prospective students who have re-register. They confirmed the UBB students for the academic year 2011.

"About 50 percent of the registered re-elected," said Rev.

In addition to the student registration process SNMPTN, UBB is also currently under open enrollment to students through independent pathways. Where the registration process will last until August 15, 2011.


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